Divorce and advice

I would love to send out this message to all.

Please please please listen to your guts and not your heart I married a man in 2017 despite there being some small red flags i thought like most of us do ahhh its OK its just a few things to iron out

Well he was a lier and a cheat but played a good game. My greatest loss is time I lost 5 years now on him he's still young im 47 he played me and now he is playing others

I was smart enough to leave my emotions and heart in tack after I woke up and instead of having a huge bust up I have remained in the back ground of life.

He is currently probably spinning some poor woman or a few his lines and story's and I know recently someone went to him bought him clothes shoes and paid for them to stay somewhere.

Fortunately for me I didn't bring him here so he is still eager to get here

Take your time with your Tunisian man don't le himt rush or pressure you  there is no rush for real love so don't feel it has to be speedy please evaluate it all.

I am still married not divorced i don't know how to manage that but he's not in the UK and I'm grateful for that

@Louisekhalil Sorry for the bad experience you talked about, yes some boys are unemployed with bad economic situation most of them are greed looking for girls from rich countries , yes you should know your partner very well, you lost some years of your life but you learn from this experience, I am sure you will choose right choice,

Take your time,experiance your partener before engagement, try him in critical situations wish you a good upcoming relationship


so sorry to hear your story however, you seem really switched on to the situation and doubt that you will continue to follow your heart…

just tread carefully going forward with dignity and trust me you certainly will have the ‘last laugh'

Can I suggest if you haven't already heard or read Tunisia Love rats then pay the site a visit,

chances are they will know your husband.

@Louisekhalil sage advice Louise. I married mine and it's been a terrible marriage to an absolute loser and user.

Currently divorcing and he's resisted and refused to leave the flat we share.

Heed the red flags.

Many Tunisian men see you as the bank of England and don't deserve your emotions, time, energy or anything.

On and up.

@helensushi sorry you have had a bad experience and its ongoing its very sad what they do and they think its ok

I've met guys that have been here for 15 20 years and all of them have an ex English wife  who they say changed when they came here and they had to leave them lol

If you need to talk u can pm me

@Kairouan thanks

The love rat site seems so hard to negotiate i have looked on there at the beginning of my relationship to see if he was there 

He wasn't as I was the first person to go to him the women before me were just online sexual stuff and occasional money transfers (I knew this after)

So maybe he should make an appearance lol


@aymeen1 yes knowing them is important sadly they don't want that they pressure you and make it fast so they can have their own way.

I knew him 9 months before I married him but had spent 6 weeks only in his company

If I knew then what I know now........

How do you guys end up in this situation? Where do you meet them?

Thank you for sharing your story and advice with us. It's important to trust our instincts and pay attention to any red flags in a relationship. Rushing into things can often lead to heartache and disappointment in the long run. It's admirable that you were able to step back and assess the situation instead of having a big confrontation. Taking time to evaluate a relationship and not feeling rushed is crucial for finding true love. I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you have faced, but it's encouraging to hear that you have remained strong and focused on your own well-being.