Moving to Ireland with my Tunisian husband.

Hello I am an Irish woman on Disability Allowance and my Tunisian husband wishes to apply to live there with me. I was wondering how we would go about doing this as the financial requirement of 40k will be waived because I am on the payment mentioned above. I just want our application to go successfully. Any advice would be more then welcome. Thank you.

If you are an Irish Citizen it's better to go online to   It will give you all the correct information and you should be able to download the application form from there too.  If it's like the UK visa application it's very complicated and you need to get every part correct or they can refuse it ..I don't know the charge for the visa in Eire but in the UK it's now over. £1500 and if they refuse the visa you lose all the money . Hope you have success ,good luck

I hope you don't mind me asking but can you tell me the age of yourself and your husband because this helps a lot

Hello Carol. Yes I'm 29 and he's 31.

You should not have a problem But I said before make sure you answer all the questions correctly I think England is different to Ireland and I think it's a little bit easier for you in Ireland not so England very difficult I wish you all the best