how soon can you return to tunisia

can anyone tell me how long you have to leave the country before returning if you only have a holiday visa

As far as i know there is no minimum for the cooling period before re-entering the country with a touristic visa.


Thank you for your reply Makrem3100. I am thinking about how long I have to be away before I can return having been in Tunisia for the maximum of 90 days.

Hi Annie,

That is the cooling period, i beleive there is no minimum, meaning you just need to leave the country and to come back.

I meant by cooling period the minimum period of time you must spend outside of Tunisia before you can return with a touristic visum.


been  goin to Tunisia  for over 7 yrs now and never new u needed a visa?

you don't if you are only staying for up to 90 days, more than that and you require a carte sejour

Everybody entres Tunisia requires a visa, even for 1 day stay, as the Tunisian authorities would like to attract tourists to Tunisia, they make it easy with visa, the visa to Tunisia is basically the white form you need to fill in prior to the landing of the airplane in Tunisia and it is free of charge...

While Tunisian needs to pay 60 dinars everytime they leave the country after a stay in Tunisia of longer than 60 days ... Crazy law!!!