US trained physician wants to practice abroad

Hello everyone. I am brand new to this site and created an account in order to get ANY feedback on what my chances are of practicing medicine in a Latin American country. I speak conversational Spanish (medical Spanish better than regular conversation) but would definitely need to do a "crash review" to get up to speed. My major concern is physician licensure in countries like DR, etc., that have a genuine need for good front-line, in-the-trenches GP/FP/IM-type physicians. I am a DO Internal Medicine doc with app 20 practice experience. I also do a tremendous amount of Osteopathic Manipulation and integrate this into my medical practice. I have been retired for a couple years (still keep up with CME and currently studying to take the SPEX board exam for docs who have not practiced for over 24 months) and would like to re-enter the practicing physician community. I have only seen other websites detail basic qualifications, but nothing specific. Can anyone out there help me?!!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! And to all, have a great day!!!

Alfred C., DO, DAAPM
I am not a doctor, but do know that there are several hoops to jump through in order for a foreign doctor to practice here legally. We have a clinic here in Las Terrenas that is run by Cuban doctors. There was a big story last year about the clinic director and at least one other doctor not being fully legal here. The rumors were that they were not even doctors, but that proved to be untrue! They had all their credentials in Cuba and it was a matter of administrative tasks that had been missed that allowed these doctors to lose their license here in DR.

I also have a friend here who went to medical school here in DR but moved to the US for her residency and has practiced psychiatry there for 20+ years. I believe she said she would have to basically do a residency and take board exams here to get her license. If you'd like, send me a PM with your contact info and I can ask here to get in touch with you.