Acro police certificate

HI I'm married to a British man,he is retired and want to go and live in Mauritius,does anyone know how long last the acro police certificate
Hello Jeanninewell,

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I think there's no set period of validity, might depend on authorities. Have you enquired from the competent authority ?

Hello it should be a valid police certificate covering last 10 years and less than 6 months validity
I have just looked at my ACRO which I got earlier this year.  There is only the date of issue printed on it.  There is no expiry date as you would expect - it was accurate at the date of issue.

There could be a point some time in the future when you might have had time to carry out some crimes in the UK, and so might need a new one!  However mine was accepted 6 months after it was issued so in the short term I wouldn't worry.

@Anou86  I told my niece to call them she live in Mauritius and they said 6 months from the issue date,thank you for answering