Mathematics- Is the recruitment for this academic year only

ESE had started things fast, Google assessment to results and interviews but then everything stopped no response from the month of May. Is the recruitment for this academic year only 🤔

@AmreenH I also wonder, but the news is saying that there is a massive drive for teachers for this academic year, but with the silence, we can only hope that July will bring something positive.

Hope so.
After a long wait another mail asking to fill Google form explaining our qualifications and TLS details followed by final question: R u still interested to join MOE and by when can you join?

Has anyone else received the similar email?
@AmreenH hi dear, O didn't receive such email, I passed the test and interview and sent my documents in November 2021 and until now nothing sent to me  I applied through a recruitment agency,  a month ago two of my teachers friends who applied with me in same agency had an email of rejection from ese but for me nothing,  I contacted my agency they told me that we emailed ese about your application and ESE replied that they sent my application to Dubai and North Emirates.
Really I'm very confused because you know that the job will start in August.
Can you guide me plz

@AmreenH I received the same mail

@sarpreetkaur98 did you replied?
And did they commented
@sidoorf It was a MS Form link, I submitted my responses in it. Today was the last date to fill the link.
They asked about qualification, marks, are you still interested, IELTS score, present designation etc. 
Yes today was the last date to fill the form.  After submission no further response. Maybe in the coming week we can hear from them.
Is your subject Mathematics?

@AmreenH yes Mathematics

After that form again silence and no further emails right?
Or did you receive any more update?
Any update dears
No update.
Y d harsh reply no issues then

@sidoorf not at all

@AmreenH no updates dear, I am waiting. I mailed them but no reply.

Any update after filling the form for ESE? I chose to be be option for new academic year 2022-23,

@Sonia Farrukh57 no update yet ..even I have opted new academic year 2022-2023

Any updates? Any one got the final contract please ?
@Ibrahim Nagi
Hello not yet still waiting
HEllie, any
Any updates???
Did anyone get the final contract?
No, I did not receive any update yet. I am patiently waiting.
Did anyone get the final contract
Do anyone know any 'mathematics' teacher who got initial offer letter after last december (2021)?
No , I Don't any update dears
Hello guys , I have passed the assessment and the interview with ESE and have sent them my documents in June , but didn't get any offer . I emailed them this week and informed me that it's under process check . Anyone of you got the offer or same scenario??
Hello i got my initial offer in july and still waiting for the final contract. I emailed them and the same answer of yours i got. So we just have to wait.
But the school start next week , how much will we wait
I think the send same reply , under process or being processed no matter what your current status is
Heyyyy! So guys anyone of you got updates?
@Sonia Farrukh57  Hi,  how are you?
Did you get an update from ESE?
Anyone got anything beyond initial offer?
Hi, any update

@Ibrahim Nagi nope , what about u?

Hi, any update
- @sidoorf  nope😩
Do anyone know any 'mathematics' teacher who got initial offer letter after last december (2021)?
- @rahulrt  any updates??
Nothing so far !!!!!!!!!

Hi....Any update ?