Turkey Residency Permit

Just submitted my documents to the immigration office centre today for a short-term residence permit. Any ideas how long this is meant to take?

I've seen it can take up to 90 days but was wondering if someone had applied at a similar time and if they've heard back.

Hi, I applied for the same category, short term ikamet and received mine almost 4 months later.
@Nadiya K

hi nadiya ,,, did u apply in istanbul,,, and in which area you have applied ,,, because i heared news that government restricted some areas of istanbul due to 25% foreigners rule...

you are on rent Nadiya,,, what rent you are paying f ... thanks....

actually i am coming to istanbul.....in the month of june ,,, and many people saying that...apply on residence purchasing... if u want TRC

Hi, İ applied in Ankara. I came to Turkey with TLC Visa (Turkish Language Course Visa). I think it depends also on what category you apply. İf students applying under university would be faster than other category. Since you going to apply in İstanbul, im sure its gonna take longer time than Ankara.

Regarding the accommodation info, İ am not on rent term since I currently live with a Turkish family, so İ need only some letter from embassy about this.
I am trying to get my fiancee to turkey from the Philippines and thisTLC Visa sounds like a possible way to achieve that goal as I want to live with her here for 2 to 3 months before I make the commitment to marry. Can you please take me through the process so I may learn what your experience was and hopefully adapt it for my use? Can you also please tell me what country you came from? Might make difference?
Hi, same case like me. I came from Malaysia to Turkey to meet my fiance. Last 2 years, it's so hard for us to meet due to Malasia closed border. We were separated for one and half year. Since we have also the plan to get married, so he suggested me to come to Turkey to learn the Turkish language.

So first, you need to find a language school for your fiancé, get the offer letter and apply online at Turkish Embassy. She will need also to apply the Certificate of Good Conduct from her government. Not sure how it works in your fiancés country but for Malaysian we don't need visa to enter Turkey max 3 months. Note that Turkish embassy can only give visa for another additional 3 months. So in Turkey, I applied for short term ikamet since my class will be more than 6 months and I am staying here longer for marriage preparation. Last two week, got married using this short term ikamet. However, my husband said now we need to apply new ikamet category for spouse to make things easier here.

Hopefully it helps

@grishacleaver It takes about a week to two weeks on average in Istanbul, and it varies in other areas.

@dncole4156 This isn't a good idea because she needs to be enrolled in a TLC. If she comes on TLC and applies for a tourist visa, it will be denied due to her visa classification. Filipinos can easily visit Turkey with an invitational letter from their sponsor, "you." This must be notarized in Turkey. Then they need documents from the Philippines, like a tax report from 2021, birth certificate, salary, Turkish travel insurance, letters from the community (employer, church, etc.), itinerary, hotel reservations, plane ticket, and a planned trip itinerary for her 10-15 days in Turkey. Once approved, she can apply for a visa.

@nomansddq 81 provinces restrict 25% of Turkey's neighborhoods.

Hello! @dncole4156  i've been following this post for sometime and I finally decided to make an account so you can also learn what the process is like for an American citizen going through with language course visa. After reviewing what Nadiya said I decided to go ahead and schedule an appointment at the embassy closest to me which is in Washington DC, (While I was in Turkey one month ago I applied easily for language course visa at a university, it's best to get at University because I was told it looks better for embassy) I got all the paperwork they needed which was (to my knowledge at the time) the initial application form after the appointment is made online, letter of invitation from the University, to biometric photos (I would bring 4 just in case), a copy of your recent bank statements… the person looked at both bank statements i provided but it only said I needed one statement after I received the paper from the appointment, and your reservation for the flight ticket (didn't have to purchase ticket but i did lol).

After I got all this paperwork together I went to the embassy for my appointment which was easy and I did not have to wait in line and he told me I was missing three supporting documents which was health insurance, a  saying I'm a good citizen of some sort I'm assuming just a background check, And since I'm a student at University, I needed to get my transcript, he did not tell me if I needed unofficial or official but I will get my official transcript so I don't have to go back (embassy) again.

I was told I didn't need to make an appointment when I brought the supporting documents and I could get six months (after papers were brought)  but if I wanted to ask for the duration  of the course (which is 8-9 months ) I could receive nine months or apply for short term visa while in Turkey.

Hope this helps anyone wanting to learn Turkish :)

@Nadiya K thanks, can i apply in any university, i have visit visa... thanks

@Nadiya K hi nadia thanks for the information my short is that
1. i came on visit visa applied Touristic TRC but it was rejected
2. i went to private school for my children admission , they said they will give me admission on passport
3. i thought i can take admission in any university as i have done MBA in H.R. my concern is that can i reapply on Educational TRC,
what will he status of my children on passport admission.

or should i take exit and returned back on educational visa like my admission in any language center or my children in any school.

please reply

Dear friends, if any of you have difficulties while obtaining a residence permit, I can help you about it.

My trc rejected from Istanbul

Can I re apply from Bursa, is it easier to get trc in Bursa