Overstaying my tourist visa a day

Before August to December, it was the same. The Tourist asked if "I can come back"? No problem, they answered,

But during September-December, many Tourist are saying they been told to stay away 3-6 month.

Now in February they told you, that it is okay to come back. No ban or info to stay away.

Maybe Turkiye changed back to the old filosofy and wants Tourists to come back, if they paid the fine?

It changes all the time. I do not know just thinking.

My friend overstayed their visa by a week. Had to pay a 2,700 TL fine. They only charged me 2,500 TL for 3 months. Then they flew to greece and back, and they let them back in the same day. I still don't understand why some people are getting banned and others are not.

Its all depends how long you have overstayed. If you overstayed 1 month - you cannot comeback 1 month, if you overstayed 3 month - you cannot comeback 3 month, and so on..

@cdw057 hi

some people over stay for many reasons

get ill or have some ill, or buying house and can't leave before finish transactions or own money and want to collect or get new baby a lot of people have different issues, don't blame anyone

overstay is not something crime, l wish there is paid extensions for some reason.

@cdw057 you are harsh, fine is not crime people have many reasons to overstay, like parking in wrong places and get fine, my friend had hair plants and had unexpected health issues, we help him and all of us overstayed is this wrong?

we hope that if some people have problems to get back home allowed to visit police station and extended staying for money it will be great for someone who forced to stay.

thank you


Turkiye needs to make it very clear how they work out if someone has overstayed

I called the embassy they had no idea just diverted me to a website which did not give a clearer picture

just pay fine as i did at airport , and you can visit turkey at any time , there will be no ban

@Katie Erickson Hello Katie,if you don't mind me asking. how long did you stay outside turkey before flying back in?

looking forward to your response.

Thank you!

@Katie Erickson Hello katie! If you don't mind me asking how long did you stay outside before coming back inside Turkey?


@Fredswede I didn't get a stamp in my passport and was banned for 5 years

@Katie Erickson

I'm applying tourist trc but don't aprroval my trc in antalya i recieved letter leave turkey withen 10days i'll book the ticket back to home but airport passport control issue said paid the fine overstaying i was tell why i'm paid fine i'm legal enter tourist visa for 16 days nd 5 days latter i'm applying for trc my oppaintment date   4 month letter then not my mistake nd then not approval my trc i'm legally back home town nd now turkey my passport in blacklist online my passport defuiltr how i'm now paid fine?

I am simple there are rules, overstaying is a risk which you should NOT take. I am very, very puzzled why people overstay? (no sympathy from my side)


I overstayed my visa 90-180 days in.. But i need to get back to do my summerhome, i paid a fine and they not said i get banned. He said pay no problem say ikamet, but im scared they not let me in and i can not apply for my residence permit when im back this was like three weeks ago and i overstayed for 2 months. Somebody know if they could let me in?

@Fredswede Rules change all the time, every 2 months. Better just to adhere, why overstaying and create possible issues (I do not understand)

We (as Ikamet holders) try to do what we can to be in line (nightmare, but so it is).

I really do not understand why would somebody overstaying ? (as a tourist/visitor/...) Just adhere and avoid possible issues (fines are irrelevant, being registered is another one)

@Katie Erickson I think it is not good for overstaying, do you really not respect rules (??), I think you should be barred for many, many years. Just be practical and not criminal.

if you think stay for along in your life living to turkey, great, make the manage of your papers,, but if you don't want stay along ,, don't play the game of the lawyers or authorities that they just trying to get your money just nothing else interesting from you,, simple

@ramsey adams Yes it is a crime.

@cdw057 Heart attack  or alike can be a reason, but than again you have your hospital records. Very, very few reasons to overstay.

Hello everyone

i am from italy and i just arrived to istanbul

i wanted to ask if any italian or european passport holder can confirm me what i have been told from a bulgarian friend when i came here, that without overstaying so before that the 90 days of tourism visa will expires, you can just go out 1 day to greece or bulgaria and come back to get another 90 days, without the restriction of 90 every 180

anyone can confirm if its true or false?

@cdw057 because Turkiye has made it easy to overstay and pay a small fine. be happy people love the country and they pay their dues.

@Marja Balconi I am a simple man, rules are rules, if the fine is low, good for you. But rules are rules and obiding  to them is good I think.