Permanent work permit

Hi All,

I start in Belgium with 3 years A type ID-CARD and recently before extending my ID card I apply for Permanent work permit.

Now I have an approval for permanent work permit with only 1 year extension of my A-ID Card.

Is this normal?
Which commune? And from which country you are? Have PR on 3year residence looks not normal, there should be atleast 5yr residency.
I am non-eu person and apply in Antwerp (that normally the single permit is 3 years)
The permanent approval you got is for type L or type B card ?
Card B has 5 years validity. Card L has 10 years validity.
I start with A-Card and I have approval for A-Card again

question is why it become 1 year although that I had 3 years befor?
You are confusing by saying “you have approval for permanent work permit” if its 1yr or 3yr extension of your A card that is normal, Time also depends on how much extension your employer would have asked for! But its not permanent then. After 1yr you again have to go thro the same process of having work permit approval etc.
They are 2 separate topics,

1.Work permit --> for this I have an approval for "Unlimited Work permit"

2.Resident permit --> for this they extend my A-ID card for another 1 year

Now the question is why someone with Permanent work contract for extension of his ID card instead of another 3 years (2nd 3 years) he get only 1 year?
Unlimited work permit doesn't mean Long term residence (Type B, Type D Type L)

I had unlimited work permit after 9 months of arrival to Belgium. But I got my long term residence card (Type L) only after 5.5 years in Belgium.
The extension still depends on the employer in your case.
Hi All,

I guess I got the answer for my question,

When you got your first 3 years Single Permit (in flanders) for the second single permit (extenion) they pay attention how much you are close to permanent resident permit and based on this they give you 1 year instead of another 3 years Card ID.
When can you apply for your PR card in flinders? Is it 4.5 years or 5 years?

based on this link

[link under review]

It is written 4 years but I am not really sure
After 4 years of being a legal resident you'll get your unlimited work permit.

Don't mix it with CDI / unlimited work contract that the employer can grant you.
@bunchofguys :

I am still confused.

In flanders, can one apply for PR after 4 years of stay?

In Flanders, can one apply for ‘Unlimited work permit (of 1 year duration)' after 4 years of work?
PR after 5 years of stay.

You don't apply for unlimited work permit, you automatically get it after 4 years, you've nothing to do.

  • What I can read under this web site is that under some circumstances you can apply for permanent resident permit earlier than 5 years. but the web site is for brussels and i couldnt find similer web site for the flanders.

  • about unlimited work permit in flanders are info are here

@AlexFromBelgium Can you put more light on this. With the current single permit if one completes 4 years in Belgium, he is automatically converted to unlimited work permit?
How do we receive authorization for that? I mean changing of employer is directly possible after that?

You can request an annexe at the commune if I remember well, anyway you'll get work permit unlimited in your next resident permit