I like to get a license for a food truck;

Hallo all,

I like to get a license for a food truck; I get already the links to the lows refer to this kind of business, a list of the yearly events etc.

My actual question is: to get this license, it is better to get help/support from a law office?

I'm waiting for your feedback.


Hello chrisschubert21,

I hope that someone will be able to assist you. 1f609.svg

Meanwhile, have you tried to search for information on Google?


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Hi Chris,

You can do everything yourself, knowing English. But if you feel more comfortable, you can use the services of a solicitor in the council where you want to start your business. He will go to the town hall with you and help you sort out your affairs, fill in forms, ask/clarify questions, etc.

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I like to food truck business in Lisbon how to lisen .any body can help..*** helal

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@qq24jam Hello and welcome !

What are information are you looking for exactly ?