Job on the boat & fishing

Hi there,
I just get my renewed Boat license, and I'm interested in a job on the boat & fishing.
I'm a german engineer, retired and happy resident in Lisbon.
In such a way is possible to get in direct contact?
Maybe JhonnyPT can give us some advice.
I'm waiting your feedback,
Hi Chris,

Try these contacts:

Lisbon Marinas:

Lisbon, Marina do Parque das Nações

Oeiras, Marina de Oeiras

Cascais, Marina de Cascais

Lisbon, Marina de Belém

Some sea tourism companies in Lisbon



Career opportunities within the travel & tourism sector.
One of the contacts in this link is in Stuttgart.

Porto, Douro Azul

Porto, Cruzeiros no Douro


Best Regards
Hi chrisschubert21,
Hi Johnny,

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Vero team


do you have your own boat/crew?

Hello carsonkeeton,

Will you be interested in applying for such a job?

Please feel free to share more details with us so that we know how to assist you.


Cheryl team

@carsonkeeton: yes I have my own boat and I m looking for people which like the boat as well to work together.

I'm fisherman since 2017 and I'm still..I wanna tell you that I'm interested to work with you this my passion before it be my work