Looking for senior caregiver job in Portugal

Good day.  I am Augustine Nkeonye Monye a Nigerian Trained and practising physiotherapist. I currently reside in Nigeria  but I seek an opportunity to work in Portugal as a senior caregiver( care for the elderly,  special children,  or mentally ill patients). I have 9 years work experience as a physiotherapist in treating and taking care of elderly people,  special children and mentally ill patients.  However, I desire to start my career in Portugal as a senior caregiver. I kindly ask for assistance with the above mentioned request.  Thank you for your prompt response.

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Perhaps you should find out contact details for rest homes etc in Portugal and contact them for possible employment.
A Google search will assist, just type " caregiver jobs Portugal" into your search engine.
Remember the covid-19 pandemic has slowed things down so jobs will not be easy to find and getting the correct visas will not be easy.