Job opportunities available in Portugal for english speakers

Some job opportunities available in Portugal for English Speakers:

Please take a look to these links.
You can apply any other filter options in these portals : eg. Lisbon/Lisboa & english … gesize=100 … ostrar-50/ … amp;tipo=0 … _IN195.htm

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Required documents to start working:

1. Obtain the Tax Identification Number (NIF)

Getting your NIF, step by step:

2. Obtain a Residence Certificate at the Town Hall Council / Local Parish where you live

"Câmara Municipal" (Town Hall) for small towns
"Junta de Freguesia" (Local Parish) in main cities

Additional info:

3. Open a Portuguese Bank Account

How to open a Portuguese bank account as EU-citizens and Non EU-citizens: … ers-expats … -portugal/

4. Obtain a Social Security Number (NISS)

From 1 January 2020, the NISS is issued immediately on time to foreign nationals wishing to start their professional activity in Portugal under the Employee Scheme ("Trabalhador por Conta de Outrem"), Domestic Service Work ("Trabalhador do Serviço Doméstico") or Self-Employed Worker Schemes ("Trabalhador Independente").

Chech here where you can get your NISS on time/"na hora"  (PDF document) ("Lista dos Serviços de Atendimento"): … trangeiros

Additional info: … rangeiros/

5. If you are a Self-Employed Worker: Start a Professional Activity at the AT Portuguese Tax Authority

You can do it at one of the Finance offices near where you live, but you can also do it Online. Just log in to the "Portal das Finanças" Website and go to the menu options:  “Todos os serviços > início de atividade > entregar declaração”.

To open an activity you will need to choose a CAE (professional activity code) , i.e. what kind of activities you are going to work with. You will also be asked for an estimate value of the annual income to be earned and if you're going to have simple/organised accounting.

Contact Centers, Portugal

Portuguese Association of Contact Centers:

Some Contact Centers: … CT-CENTER/

(At the bottom of the page you can filter by location, company size, etc...)

Job offers: … bdomain=pt

Webhelp Portugal

Lisbon, Aveiro, Braga … l=portugal … -portugal/ … /portugal/


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How to request the Social Security Number / Número de Identificação da Segurança Social (NISS)

Social Security Number (NISS): … cial-niss-

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the request for NISS has to be done online or through email, depending on the following situations (A or B):

A. Employees / Trabalhadores por conta de outrem

Employer must request NISS for the employee through Social Security Direct website / Segurança Social Direta: … 2Fcaslogin

Employer must send the required forms and employee's documents through the option:
"Proof Documents" > "NISS na Hora - request from the Employer"
"Documentos de prova” > “NISS na Hora – pedido da Entidade Empregadora”

The employee's NISS will be sent by email to the employer.
After NISS has been attributed, employer must communicate the employee 's admission, also through Social Security Direct website.

Employee's required documents:

- Application Form RV 1009/2018-DGSS
  (PDF document) … U-bsKjOITz

- Application Form RV 1006/2018-DGSS
  (PDF document) … kKiZ4Iewso

- Identification document: If citizen of non-EU country, valid passport with European entry stamp (Schengen Area), If EU citizen, Citizen Card or other national identity document from the country of origin;

- Residence Permit in Portugal;

- NIF document (Portuguese id tax number);

- Working contract:
   Name and address of the worker;
   Name and address of the employer;
   Employer's business activity;
   Type of activity for which the worker has been hired and how much he will be paid;
   Workplace and regular working hours;
   How much, how often and in what form the worker will be paid;
   Starting date of the working contract;
   Labour contract type;
   Signature of the contract by both the employer and the employee.

B. Self-employed workers

Self-employed workers themselves must apply NISS by sending an e-mail to:     
    [email protected]

All the following documents and forms must be sent/ attached to the email:

Self-employed worker's required documents:

- Application Form RV 1000/2019-DGSS
  (PDF document) … jhdq6fGQzd

- Application Form RV 1006/2018-DGSS
  (PDF document) … kKiZ4Iewso

- Identification document: If citizen of non-EU country, valid passport with European entry stamp (Schengen Area), If EU citizen, Citizen Card or other national identity document from the country of origin;

- Residence Permit in Portugal;

- NIF document (Portuguese id tax number);

- Declaration of the start of the self-employed activity issued by the AT Portuguese Tax Authority (*)


You can translate PDF into English using a Doctranslator, such as:

(*) FAQs: … 00312.aspx

Where can I submit the Declaration of the start of the self-employed activity?

Due to the pandemic, you should prefer online portal:   

Select option:

    Os seus Serviços
                       Alteração de Actividade
                                   Início da Actividade


04-3703 Onde posso apresentar a declaração de início de atividade?

a) A declaração de início de atividade pode ser enviada por transmissão eletrónica de dados, através do endereço, opção:

Serviços> Início  de Atividade>Situação Fiscal - Atividade - Início  > Entregar Declaração> ou Entregar Declaração (por CC) no caso de ser o contabilista a submeter a declaração. Alternativamente poderá usar o campo de pesquisa indicando “inicio atividade entregar “

b) As declarações podem ainda ser apresentadas junto de qualquer Serviço de Finanças, por declaração verbal efetuada pelo contribuinte ou o seu representante legalmente constituído.
Os contribuintes singulares podem também proceder à apresentação da declaração junto das Lojas do Cidadão.

Devido à pandemia, deve privilegiar a internet (opção a).

Recognition of Foreign Academic Diplomas / Higher Education Degrees

Is there any kind of job market available in Portugal for a citizen who is fluent in English (bachelor's degree and 15 years work experience) but cannot speak Portuguese?

Johnny put a lot of work into his post. I suggest you read all the above information, which Johnny posted regarding obtaining work.

Tourist guide in Portugal (Guia turístico certificado)

To be a tourist guide in Portugal you need to be certified by these professional entities: SNATTI or AGIC.

This certification is required to have access to various activity areas such as gastronomic tours, ecotourism, sightseeing tours with visits to monuments, museums and palaces, business tourism, transport and events or any other tourist experience requested by visitors.

Sindicato Nacional da Atividade Turística, Tradutores e Intérpretes (SNATTI):

Associação Portuguesa dos Guias-Intérpretes e Correios de Turismo (AGIC):


Professionals who are not registered with SNATTI or AGIC, must attend courses available eg. in one of the 12 Tourism Schools of Portugal. You must be fluent in at least two languages:

Find here for contacts:


If you already have a tourism qualification obtained outside Portugal, you should enquire with these entities mentioned here about your course equivalence/acceptance. Also look at this link:

Recognition of Foreign Academic Diplomas / Higher Education Degrees

Portugal and India signed an agreement on recruitment of Indian workers

This agreement sets the procedures for the admission of Indian citizens for a professional activity, under a work contract, in Portugal. It will apply to recruitment for any employment activity and whatever the duration of the employment contract, and Indian workers will benefit from all the rights guaranteed by Portuguese law.

Whenever a portuguese employer wishes to hire an Indian worker, he must communicate this intention to the Employment and Professional Training Institute (IEFP), which will transmit it to the Indian authorities. The Indian authorities will carry out a selection process, at the end of which the employment contract will be signed and the visa granted to the recruited worker. … s-indianos