Hairstylist in the United States

Hello! Does anyone here have experience relocating from the US to Portugal who is a hairdresser or hairstylist? If so, could you help explain what the process was like for you, getting approved to work in Portugal, as well as finding a job as a stylist at a salon? Thanks in advance!

--Cameron H 270c.svg

Hi Cameron, Welcome.

To work in this field in a non-english-speaking country, in Portugal or elsewhere:

- either you work in hotels/tourist resorts (preferable option)

- or you work in places where there are many english-speaking expats. There are a few in Portugal.

- either you start by working in hairdressing chains, so that you can understand the native language a little, with some help from the begining

- or you learn the basics of the native language, and have a differentiating factor that leads to self-employment.

Job opportunities available in Portugal for english speakers

New visa to look for work in Portugal


@Cameron H. Hello ma/ sir my name is mercy am from Lagos Nigeria. Am a hairdresser, I have 10year working experience. Am a professional.

@JohnnyPT Hello, Johhny, appreciate your response. I was looking for more specific information as it relates to reciprocity and licensing. If you have any information on that, I will gladly take it. I've message government websites and others with little information or no response. Best to you. --Cameron

@ruthmercy501 Did you get licensed in Portugal? Can you direct me to a website that might help me get information on becoming licensed there as a licensed professional in the United States?


Point 6. is useful … -portugal/

More info here: … reiro.html … reiro.html


You don't need a licence to provide these services, such as hairdressing salons (CAE 93021) and beauty establishments (CAE 93022). (CAE: Economic Activity Code)

But the place/shop needs to have a licence for trade/services.

You can operate as a company or as an individual entrepreneur. There are differences in accounting. You should check that with an accountant to see which option is most favourable for you.

@JohnnyPT Johnny, this is beyond helpful. GREAT information! 1f600.svg I appreciate you.