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I am trying to do my first recibo verde. I've already opened my activity.
I want to submit a recibo verde for a period of 10 days of work, from the 20th to the 30th of april.
When I try to do the recipe, the ask me the date of the prestation. Does this mean I have to do one recipe per day of work ? I don't understand.

Thank you for your help
Hi Isabelle,

It is not a receipt per working day. The date on which the service is provided may be the date on which you receive the money or the date on which the service ended.

On the green receipt, this service can concern a period of work, of several days, for example, a month of work.

@JohnnyPT Thank you for your help !

Hi isabellegr0,

I am Portuguese and also work with recibos verdes.

First of all you must  register your business at Financas, then you will have to enroll at financas website, and using your Fiscal Number and  your Senha (number that will be given to you by them or by an accountant.

Go to: Click -Iniciar seção- cidadãos-obter-Faturas e Recibos Verdes -emitir-

Emitir fatura recibo

Data-tipo=Fatura  recibos
Pagamento dos bens ou serviços:


(you describe your job)

Regime of IVA

Artigo 9-

Base de Incidência IRS

Click the first position

Then click -Emitir

I hope that you'll manage, but don't worry, you have up to 10 days to register your earnings.

Not sure if you know that you will be exempt for 3 years, and after that you only start paying IRS, if your income is above 6:000:00/year.(But you MUST declare your earnings /income every month, doesn't matter if you only have worked 10 days or more)

Try learn Portuguese with me, I have just posted my European Portuguese Lessons add.

All the best.

How to issue a green receipt for the previous financial year (almost a year back) if somebody misses it

Can a green receipt be issued for the previous financial year (almost a year ago) if it was missed out?

Just put in any data for 2022 on


3rd green line from top to bottom

I tried doing that, however, it didn't reflect in the previous year's financial record. It showed today's date as the date of emission. Last year being my first year of independent activity, I didn't have to charge IVA, while this year, I have.

any other way?

That is normal and correct.

If it is income generated in 2022 it must be taxed in 2022.

Keep in mind IRS is due to income received, not unvoice issued.

The "system" doesn't recognize this income probably because the invoice was lately issued.

You must put this income manually.

Diferent for TVA.

TVA is due on issue date wether you received the money or not