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Updated 2021-09-23 13:25

Photos, internet, and WiFi access are an important part of everyday life throughout the world, and Portugal is no different. High-speed access to the internet and phones are essential for expats to find local employment and keep in touch with friends and family back home.

Generally, you will find the internet in Portugal to be of a high speed, and WiFi is easily accessible throughout the country. It is easy for expats to set up local phone numbers and connect to the internet, and there are connection options to suit all budgets. Here's an overview of Portuguese telecommunications for expats.

Landlines in Portugal

Altice Portugal is Portugal's main telephone service provider. Other options include World Telecom, ARTelecom, and NOS. Many providers can offer a bundle, which will also include home broadband internet. Most Portuguese homes have a landline, although many people are also choosing to forgo the landline and communicate solely via mobile phone and internet.

To set up a phone line in your new property, first, you have to select a service provider. The provider will ask for a few details, including proof of address, valid identification, and bank account details. The set-up process is straightforward and your new phone should be connected and working within a week.

Using mobile phones in Portugal

If you're relocating to Portugal, setting up a local mobile number is important. Portugal's main mobile service providers include MEO, Vodafone and NOS. The most popular of the three is MEO, as it offers the widest coverage. Expats have a few mobile phone options, including purchasing a local SIM for an existing phone on a prepaid plan or signing a long-term contract.

Prepaid SIM cards can be purchased from many retailers and convenience stores. These cards can be inserted into your own phone (if it is unlocked) or into a local phone, and you can top up with credit as you go. This can be an inexpensive and simple way of setting up a local phone number.

Expats in Portugal are eligible to sign up for postpaid plans, or mobile phones on a contract, as long as certain requirements are met. Documents to be produced to obtain a postpaid mobile include your tax number, a copy of your passport or identity card, proof of local address and your bank account number if you wish to pay your phone bill by direct debit.

Internet and WiFi in Portugal

The internet will be an important part of your everyday life once you are away from your friends and relatives in a new country. Portugal has a modern and solid telecommunications infrastructure that is supported by many internet service providers. In general, these offer high-speed internet such as ADSL, as well as wireless connection. Popular internet service providers include Net Sapo, Vodafone, Zon, Telepac, and ARTelecom.

WiFi is prevalent throughout the country, with many cities offering free WiFi zones. It can also be found within cafes, hotels, bars, or public libraries or municipal areas. You can also access wireless hotspots provided by MEO, or purchase WiFi through portable dongles, which allow you to pre-purchase a set amount of internet bandwidth.

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