Sports and fitness in Lisbon

Sports activities in Lisbon
Updated 2023-11-05 17:40

After a couple of weeks of dining on delicious Portuguese food, sipping vinho verde and snacking on pastel de nata and other sweet treats, your body may start asking for some action. From gyms to hiking, Lisbon can provide you with something that's sure to tickle your fancy, no matter your preferences.

Gyms in Lisbon

One of the easiest ways to get a bit of exercise within the city is to seek out one of Lisbon's many well-equipped gyms. They are countless and dotted all over the city. Lisboetas (Lisbon natives) take their physical health very seriously, so you can always expect to see a few of them in the gym at any hour of the day.

With branches all over the city, franchises such as The Fitness Hut or Solinca are among the top choices. For something catering to the low-cost market, you may also give it a go at Fitness Element, where you can do some exercise for as little as 2,99€/week.

Cycling in Lisbon

Who doesn't love a good bike ride? Buying a bicycle isn't often a priority when moving to a new city, and there is no need for that in Lisbon. Gira and Uber provide rental bikes by the hour all across the city. Simply download the app to access the bike, and you're free to go! Although there has been a recent effort by city authorities to expand the network of bike lanes, cycling on the road in Lisbon can be more dangerous than expected, so a protective helmet is an absolute must (especially if you're new to the city).

Also, brace yourself for some serious workout: Lisbon doesn't get called “The City of Seven Hills” for nothing.

Football in Lisbon

Football is a Portuguese national passion, played professionally or not. Why not check out some of the indoor and outdoor mini-football pitches available for hire in the city? Get your mates together (or join an already existing group) and kick the ball around for a couple of hours each weekend. It's not only a great way to stay in shape but also a chance to meet new people in Lisbon.

You can check what pitches are available for rent (indoor or outdoor) on specialized mobile apps such as Air Courts and

Swimming in Lisbon

Lisbon is home to over ten municipal swimming pools, an impressive amount for a reasonably sized capital city! As an expat, you might need your passport to register with a pool. And remember that swimming caps are mandatory when using the pools in Lisbon!

Tennis and Padel in Lisbon

Rising sharply in popularity, racket sports (such as tennis, padel, squash or pickleball) are quickly becoming a favorite hobby among many Portuguese and expats alike. Though not as widespread as football pitches, the number of courts in the city is growing by the day, and you can easily find them (and book them) through the same apps we've shared above for football.

Running and jogging in Lisbon

Needless to say, you don't need to enroll in any sort of gym or sports club to jog. Just grab your headset, put on your most comfortable sneakers and get going! Luckily, Lisbon boasts some pretty decent places to run, such as the Tagus River banks in Belém and Parque das Nações, the Eduardo VII Park or by the coast in Cascais.

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