Football in porto

I am thinking about moving to porto, but I want to play football (not with a team, but on my own). So i need to know if there is any places i could play. Is there any parks or footballfields (where i dont need to be a member of a football club to play)

Hi kotor!

Yes, in Portugal, you'll be able to play in your neighbourhood pretty much every day.
Lots of kids, teens and even adults are always up for kicking a ball.
In general if you go to a park it's likely you find people playing.

Good luck and don't forget to support FC Porto :-)


Hi kotor

The 'parque da cidade' (city park) is huge and has plenty of space for kicking a ball about. There are of course other parks.

The question is, why would you want to play on your own when you can play with others? :-)

What interests you about Porto, why are you thinking of moving here? If you need any help let me know.


thank you both for answering my question. the reason why i want to play on my own, is because i have been injured for a few months and i need to get back in shape before i join a team, but also that i dont know anyone i porto yet.

the reason why i want to live in porto is that i wanted to experiense another culture. after reading about alot of destinations i choose porto.

Hi kotor
Great! Well, you'll love the city. Drop me a message if you want to meet for a drink when you arrive.

Hey guys!

Looking for a great group to play football in Porto?

Click on the following link and join the group :):

The purpose of this group is to set some multicultural casual football pick up games in Porto. It is suitable for any football lovers that want to enjoy 2 hours of their Sundays on the pitch.

P.S: We all pay only for the value of the pitch before any games. No extra charge is taken from the host.

Hello Ero(Aero),

Since this thread is quite old, I assume that the offer is no longer available.

Feel free to post an advert in the Portugal classifieds section.


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