Sailing buddies

I keep a classic sailing boat in the Algarve ( A Wanderer) and would like to meet anyone who fancies sailing her with me.
Experience would be good but not essential

I  am down here about 6 times a year for 2 or 3 weeks.

Hello AlanKirkham

Welcome to

So as to spread further the word, I invite you to drop in an advert in our Hobbies, Interests in Portugal section of the site.

Kenjee Team

Cool to hear about that, you wrote. My tradition boat is in Copenhagen ;-(
I am just moving from Dubai to Lisbon, "close" your Algarve, hehh.
I am originally Finnish mariner, but long far away from Finland.
you may find few pics of my boat if you google pictures of Hawila. Or at

best regards

Pauli Kivekäs