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Hi I am a chef and I am looking to move to Portugal with my family.  Before moving I want to find out how difficult it is to find a job.  I am English but have a EU passport.  I have over thirty years experience in cooking and managing kitchens.  I don't speak  Portuguese but am willing to learn.


Hey Chef, it is not a well paid or an admired position as in other countries. The pay is very low and you will be expected to work 6 days a week. The language barrier will be a huge factor for getting hired and being able to work efficiently in a busy Portuguese kitchen.
You will be looked at as expensive and overlooked because of your skill and language barrier, when they can pay minimum wage to someone who speaks the language and has little knowledge.
In my opinion, this is my experience

@barneshome14  are you still looking to work on the Algarve? 
Hi Andy,

Check out these restaurants in Portugal that are in the Michelin international guide

2014 - 2021


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@barneshome14 I am a chef looking to move to Portugal as well. Did you move and were you able to find a job?