Domestic Electrician Qualifications

Hi all

So all my electrician's UK City & Guilds qualifications don't apply over here it seems.

Okay I accept that, but can anyone tell me what exams I need to take in Portugal to operate by myself, i.e. being able to sign off my own work?

Which body does them?
Where I can do them?
Are any online?

Appreciate that they are probably only done in Portuguese.

TIA, Martin

Hi, Welcome :)

Recognition for the activity of qualified technician / certified electrician … lectricas/

The application for recognition as a qualified technician must be made in person at the DGEG division corresponding to your area of residence.

In the case of engineers or electrotechnical engineers, the application for this recognition may be made by mail or email, to the division of the DGEG corresponding to your area of residence.

Documents you need to submit:

i) Fill in the application form as appropriate:

- draft for engineers and technical engineers
- draft for responsible technicians other than engineers/technical engineers

(On the website you have these documents in Word, called "minutas" which you must print and fill out one of them, according to your case).

ii) Document proving your academic qualifications, or authenticated photocopy (only complete courses) or, in the case of engineers or technical engineers, document proving the registration of the engineers professional association (ordem dos engenheiros), in the electrical engineering college, or authenticated photocopy;

iii) Copy of your identification document;

iv) Copy of the tax number document (portuguese NIF).

This registration of technicians in charge of private service electrical installations is carried out at the DGEG offices at the following service locations:

Divisão de Licenciamento e Fiscalização
Avenida 5 de outubro, 208 (Edifício Sta. Maria),
1069-203 Lisboa
Tel.: 217 922 700/800
[email protected]

Área Norte: Divisão das Instalações Elétricas do Norte
Rua Direita do Viso, 120
4269-002 Porto
Tel.: 226 192 000

Área Centro: Divisão das Instalações Elétricas do Centro
Rua Câmara Pestana, 74
3030-163 Coimbra
Tel.: 239 700 200

Área Sul - Alentejo: Divisão de Instalações Elétricas e de Combustíveis do Sul (Alentejo)
Zona Industrial de Almeirim, Lote 18
7005-639 Évora
Tel.: 266 750 450

Área Sul - Alentejo: Divisão de Instalações Elétricas e de Combustíveis do Sul (Algarve)
Rua Prof. António Pinheiro e Rosa
8000-546 Faro
Tel.: 289 896 600 … calizacao/

I hope I have been helpful. If you have any further questions, please say.

Thank you that's extremely helpful, I'll go through the process you have outlined.
Regards Martin

Sorry just need to check

1. I presume that as an electrician with qualifications that I would fill in the second option document but I am unsure which box I should tick Execução and/or Exploração. I have copies of all my qualifications.
Thank you, Martin

Martin, you need to check this next to DGEG ...

But from what I have understood (well, I am not an energy technician...), the certificate of Execução is one level below the certificate of Exploração, i.e, Exploração does what Execução does, but the opposite is not allowed...

Responsible for the execution of Low Voltage Electrical Installations (type C), with power up to 41.4kVA, provided that he has civil liability insurance / Seguro de responsabilidade civil.

Exploração: see Laws (A)
The following electrical installations must be followed up by a technician responsible for Exploração because of their complexity or risk:
(a) Type A installations with a power output exceeding 100 kVA;
(b) Type B installations;
(c) Type C installations established in locations subject to the risk of explosion, with a power supply from the network exceeding 41.4 kVA;
(d) Type C installations with a capacity exceeding 100 kVA...



Classification of Electrical Installations:

a) Tipo A - Instalações com produção própria, de caráter temporário ou itinerante, de segurança ou socorro, quando não integrem centros electroprodutores sujeitos a controlo prévio ao abrigo de regimes jurídicos próprios;

b) Tipo B - Instalações que sejam alimentadas pela RESP em média, alta ou muito alta tensão;

c) Tipo C - Instalações que sejam alimentadas pela RESP em baixa tensão.

RESP = Rede Elétrica de Serviço Público / Public Service Electric Network


(A). … oma/indice

(B). … ?rp=indice



See also this PDF with FAQs:

That's great, thank you again, excellent helpful advice.
Cheers Martin

Der sir I don't have deploma .I have 14year experience in electrical field 2004 to 2008 I'm working in Sharjah UAE in Pluto electro mechanical contracting LLC company .in company my visa is electrician wiring .2010 to till now I'm working in Saudi Arabia self working
I have experience DB wiring diagram control panel substation installation and underground wiring etc I have driving license from Saudi Arabia....can I apply for electrical job .in Europe countries.???

Hi Nm70924, Welcome :)

Please read this:

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Greetings, I have a question for you as well. we have just moved to the Island of Faial, and my husband is an HVAC technician, do you know what he has to do to transfer those qualifications here to portugal?

Thank you

Tamara & Tim ( wine in the Azores eco-retreat (FB) )

Hi Tamara, Welcome.

Anyone wishing to obtain certification for intervention in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment should contact one of these Certification Entities:

- CENTERM – Centro Tecnológico para a Indústria Térmica, Energia e Ambiente

- AIPOR – Associação dos Instaladores de Portugal

- Active Exam Center

(Links inside)

Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente website: … icos-avacr



(Translation required) … alificacao

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Hi, is this the same for Madeira, is there a local office where this can be done or does it have to be mainland Portugal? Many thanks.


Check this contact, it's likely that this agency does these certifications in Madeira Island:

SIAM - Serviço de Inspeção e Aparelhos de Medição

Rua do Ribeirinho de Baixo, n.º 33C, Funchal

Phone 291007718 … cas-eiiel/