Moving to Mauritius

I am planning to move to Mauritius in few weeks and i like to know where is best and safe to live
Also a good and safe hospital for baby delivery.
I will also be grateful if you can advise me on work and salary.. Any useful information should i need to live and work there.
Iam in Information Technology

Read through other posts on the forum. Go to "Discover" top of this page and click on the Mauritius Guide. Plenty of information there.  try for living costs.
Alright. Will do that. Thank you stumpy.
Hello Nadine,

Nigerian nationals travelling to Mauritius are given a 2 weeks' tourist visa on arrival.

Please note that if you have long term plans of staying in Mauritius, you should get the proper visa before coming. Ideally an occupation permit : … l-company/

Occupation permit IT : an employment contract with a basic salary of minimum Rs 30,000

Before coming, please find a job/employer/contract with a proper occupation permit, else you will be required to leave the country after the 2 weeks (or extension if it applies).

Cost of living will depend on your lifestyle and region you will settle in. As mentioned above, you may refer to numbeo for an estimate.

Any question, feel free to pen it down,
other options for obtaining a work permit:

- investor visa (invest minimum 50.000 USD in a domestic company)
- self employed visa (transfer minimum 35.000 USD into your local mauritius bank account, company must make minimum 800.000 Rs turnover from the third year)