Moving to Tunisia!

I just sold my home in AZ USA and am looking to find out where the safest and best areas are to buy a home for a single lady?
Carthage , Marsa, sidi bousaid  are the best area you can live in
Djerba is ok too

Je vous conseille Djerba en zone touristique, qui est un peu le ""St Tropez "" de la Tunisie.
J'y demeure depuis 6 ans c'est une vie de rêve.



@Llyra Hi, may I please ask why you are wanting to move to Tunisia? I am living in Australia and was thinking of moving somewhere for a year but not sure where. I was also thinking of moving to Miami America or somewhere in Latin America like Panama but not sure

I'm Yemeni, I live between Tunisia and Dubai
To be honest with you, you can live in any area, the whole of Tunisia is beautiful and safe
But according to your financial ability, the prices of regions vary to another
As Mr. Ayman pointed out, these are the best areas to live in, but I prefer to live on the outskirts of the city where you find farms and the countryside

good luck
If you need help, feel free to contact us
All Tunisians are very nice and hospitable
You are very brave. To be happy and comfortable as a single woman here, I think you would have to know a few people before moving here - and speak the language - or at very least, fluent French. For example, it is a nightmare trying to deal with house maintenance issues and general admin stuff - almost impossible if you don't speak the language or have someone around to help you. However, if you have friends and/or family here, it is a nice place to live, mostly good weather and comparatively cheap.

@Llyra Hey, was alone at Djerba for abt 6 mos, can advice you that u have no problems , being a touristic island.

Thank you so much!!!! Any other top 3 best areas to live mainland? La Mars's and Hammamet I e been told?

@aymeen1 thank you!!!!

@Mohammed Bin Tawil

Yes countryside with large land is most to my liking. Top 3 country areas?? And thank u so much for the advice!!! :)

@Shanaka11 HIA sweetie!! I live in America.. but am looking to move/live abroad where the cost of living is less.. and the quality of my life can be more if that makes sense!! If you decide on Tunisia please let me know!! Single female and may be looking for flat-mate

@helensou thank you SO much for the advice!! Soooo kind of you. I will hopefully have someone… but am attempting to learn Arabic. I speak fluent English.. and can u derstand English.. some French.. and some Italian

@Shanaka11 ciao ...trasferisciti in Tunisia .. mi sembra una nazione molto tra un po decido e parto con la barca. ciao a presto.

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@Llyra hi!!! I will flying there end of July!! Would love a flight mate and possible future flat mate!