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Hi I am travelling in Turkey and recently hired a immigation consultant to help my wife and I get a residency visa so we can stay longer in Turkey.  It didn't work out very well so we are looking for an honest immigration consultant to help us. If anyone knows of a honest and reasonably priced immigration consultant in Antalya we would appreciate the contact info and any other advice in this regard is also welcome. Thanks

@aprice99  I would be more than happy to give you some information regarding immigration visa for Turkey. Please Email on [link moderated].

@aprice99 hello check the link below, they are pretty good at their job

[link moderated]

Looks like you got some possible help there. My name is Dennis originally from the USA. wHEN i MOVED TO TURKEY I was very lucky to come across the guy whom I am about to give you his contact information. He is not in Antalya, which was my first choice also but ended up in Kusadasi. Tell you more about that later if you are interested. This lawyer is great, trustworthy, highly regarded, and Honest as the day is long and inexpensive. He will treat you like you are his only client. Hight recommend him. Don't think I could have made a better choice. Speaks English fluently. if you call him please tell him you heard about him thru Dennis as he likes to know how you obtained his name. Believe me, I get nothing from this other than the satisfaction of passing on an excellent LAWYER so no one gets taken for a ride. 

Sadi Berk Suner

Hope this will helpful for you.
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Hi, I tried few people but unfortunately I can't recommend any. The best advice I would recommend is to do it by yourself just like I did eventually. It's easy straight forward and once you get your appointment you will be halfway through. Once you submit the documents they will give you up to 30 days to complete any missing documents. 
All what they ask for is 
1. Passport copy better if you translate it to Turkish. 
2. Private health insurance which you can easily obtain from any sigorta offices for qround 80-120 $.
3. Official address by showing your title deeds or lessing contact. 
4. Biometric photo with white background 5x5.
And that's it. They might ask for bank account statement to confirm you have enough fund to stay in turkey.

I believe a lot of people went through the same process so others can correct me.

Thanks and best of luck 
Great I need advise. We are travelling in a Caravan and want to extend my residency visa. The immigration office says I need a address document and I spoke to an immigration consultant and he said I need a sponsor which will cost me $300 us dollars. I already paid the consultant 18000 tl and all that got was a 3 my month residency visa. He promised me I would get a 2 year visa and now to extend it he wants $300 us dollars for a new sponsor for the extension. I'm tired of giving him my money and am looking for an alternative. I would appreciate any advise.
@Bekir Yenidogan 
Thanks but I can not see the link.
I don't know how this forum works. Can I sent a private message or email to you?
Thanks Art
Hi Dennis
Thanks for your help. I don't think the contact info is complete. Can you send it to me privately. I'm not sure how that works. Or should I give you my email address?
@Alhamra Holidays 
Thanks for your advise. The problem I'm having is I don't have a address because we are travelling in a Caravan. So I am not sure how to resolve the address document that the immigration is requesting.
I would strongly recommend you to rent a small apartment or studio 1+1. Prices starts from 250 TL monthly. Its available in all major cities.  You can keep it to store your stuffs or even your can re-rent it out.
Unfortunately most of lawyers are not professional nor honest.
Best of luck
Like all countries Turkey likes expats who can spend, apologies, but Turkey is also dealing with (economic) refugees. If you have no money better not too come. (Will be difficult).
@dncole4156 hi Dennis, could you please share his contact details?
Thanks and regards

@dncole4156 hello friend, whats the guys email? regards pes65


Hi , could you give me the name of this person. Is there a way to direct message on this forum?