I want to invite my mother to Belgium

Hi sir
I am living in Belgium since 3 years. My husband has Belgium nationality and he has own 2 houses. Now I am pregnant I have to invite my mother to take after me and my child. What are the documents I want to submit from my side and her side?

She is in Srilanka. Must she vaccinated with pyzer or Moderna vaccine?

Please reply me......

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vaccination is not mandatory in Belgium and in any EU country.
But to travel she'll need to do a PCR test before departure / whatever requirements at the moment of boarding. (requirements changes fast, so you'll have to check)

About the visa, it depends if she has already received previous Schengen Visa or if it's the first time she ever use her passport. I've the feeling it's the second option, but I may be wrong :cool:

In case she already received previous visa(s), well, you know the story: show enough money on the bank account + proof she'll get back home (married, husband stay in Sri Lanka, got a job, vacation approval document from her boss, etc...)
In case she never travel to any rich country (meaning a visa from an oecd country), then you've to understand she must proof:
* the reason of her trip (my daughter is going to deliver, discover a bit Belgium, ... ==> she write a cover letter)
* how she's going to pay for her trip & stay (It is not enough to say you'll pay everything (flight ticket, food, etc...) (do an annexe 3bis at the commune!!!), she must have money on her own)
* proof she'll go back home (husband, house, job, ...)

You must proof everything you state!

Basically, what you've to understand is that immigration do not care about you and your husband about a tourist family/friend visit visa C.
What matter is your mum, her, and how she'll proof that she'll go back into her country before the end of her visa + she can handle herself if you """decide""" to throw her away for any reason.

As you'll most probably host her in your house + write an invitation letter (I invite xxxx, living in street, city, ..., passport number xxx, my mum/mother-in-law to stay in my house from dd/mm/yy to dd/mm/yy to help me for the birth of my child with a belgian nation, xxx, etc..), she'll still need to proof that she has 45€ per day of stay in Belgium in your accommodation. (90€ if hotel)
Meaning that if you want her 30 days in Belgium, she must show 30 * 45 = 1350€ MINIMUM on her bank account.

Tip: add a certificate from your gynecologist to proof your pregnant + expect delivery.
That's a super good reason/proof for a mum to join her daughter and proof the reason of stay

I wish you a happy delivery :cheers:

Regarding documents Normally she do not have show financial if you or your husband can go to cityhall they will provide you with the form for invition you have to fill it and then city hall needs stamp it this document needs to send to you mom along with your financial or your husband that you garantie for it i did that for my parents and it work. Best of luck

Oh🥰 Thank you guys for yours quick and awesome reply. It's really helpful🙏😊

Be careful Kdeepak to not mix things.

An annexe 3bis state: "I'm living in Belgium and I will pay everything for XXX" which only cover the 2nd clause of the Schegen Code: "how she's going to pay for her trip & stay"

But for the 3th clause, she must proof she'll go home: meaning she has everything in her homecountry (MONEY, house, family, etc...)

Showing an annexe 3 bis is NOT enough.

@AlexFromBelgium hi,

I wish I would have read the all the chat on this topic before. However, here is the short summary :-

a) I applied for my parents  (Father retired from Army and Housewife Mom) visa in Dec 2021 and focused on my documents as Guarantor. I thought that I am earning well and work with good company so Visa for them should not be a problem. However, the visa was rejected on the grounds of 'insufficient financial means' by Immigration Belgium.

b) Now, we have applied again on 31st March, 22 with better preparation for 75 days.

Parents : Arranged Joint bank statement with balance to cover 45 Euro per day X no of days, pension statements of last 3 months of my father (Euro 500/month), ITR 20-21 (First time he filed it), fixed deposit in my Mom's name ( 4k euro). Needless to mention Flight tickets and travel insurance.

Self & Spouse - Included financial documents for my spouse as well this time. 3 month salary slip , 2020 Tax return, 3IBIS, Registered rent agreement (Antwerp).

We arranged property card in english translation  and our  (self + spouse) Joint bank statement (current + saving) but VFS refused to take those documents and mainly focused on the bank statement of my parents.

Since, this was a repeat case, the application was sent to Belgium Immigration after 2-3 days. Though I was hoping that may be be it would be cleared from Mumbai this time.

While I wait for decision, would request for some suggestions :-

a) What should I do if they reject this time as well ? Go for repeal but we don't have lot of time as their onward journey in on 3rd May'22 from Delhi to Amsterdam.

b) Can I repeal with revised travel dates ? or Should I talk to Immigration lawyer and will that be helpful ?

c) Should I apply third time after talking to Immigration lawyer as I have heard that if it would be rejected for third time, then they will be black listed ? Also, the whole visa process is expensive.

Please give your suggestions/comments.

My parents application approved this time

@Thyanusha hey.. Im also having this kind of requirement. Could you please let me know of once you complete this. So its easy for me to get my mon as well. Thank you. ***

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Be careful Kdeepak to not mix things.

An annexe 3bis state: "I'm living in Belgium and I will pay everything for XXX" which only cover the 2nd clause of the Schegen Code: "how she's going to pay for her trip & stay"

But for the 3th clause, she must proof she'll go home: meaning she has everything in her homecountry (MONEY, house, family, etc...)

Showing an annexe 3 bis is NOT enough.

- @AlexFromBelgium

Agreed the part of proof that they are not going to stay after visa expires. But honestly when i appiled for my parents i just provided mine financial for my mother and my father provided his since he was working. Indeed my father got his visa approval within 2 days in my mother case the file sent to Belgium and she got her approval in 15 days. 🙂
If they've a house, money, assets, whatever that has some value compare to EU's life... that change everything.
Especially if they've a bank account with some money in it to cover their stay...

I am working in Belgium with work permit, My husband is working in France , I am pregnant i want invite my mom from Turkey for long term visa to take care of my baby as 1 year . Could you please inform me what is the precedure ? is it possible to invite for 1 year ?


I just replied in another topic, never ever for more than 3 months (tourist visa).

@tiwamit how? I am facing the same problem

Hello all. Please I want to ask if it is possible to invite my mum with an A card and my husband has an B card and am expecting my 4th child

@efe952 for sure with A card is not possible. I am not sure if your husband can invite her. You better ask the commune.

@Fahdijbeli thanks. I asked somebody at the commune about the A card and he said yes. And he gave me the documents to fill which I have already did and scanned to them. But my fear now is hope it won't affect my document cause it's still in renew

@efe952  please I need your advice and direction I have Bijlage35 bijzonder verblijfsdocument -rector I got it because of mishandled case for alien dispute by a lawyer,/ Mishandled zaak voor alien dispute door advocate , it's valid till 2014 but can be extended I want to return back to Belgium my lawyer said it's always possible that I should go to the embassy that I should apply for return visa A friend from Belgium said I should apply for D visa please how do I start the process what document do I need to support the application sorry I ve applied for D visa before I received this reply from embassy DONNEES A CARACTERE PERSONEL _N4_PERSOONSGEGEVENS(LOI/WET but still the was visa refused with motivation to appeal reapply with  a complete file the visa refusal letter from embassy reads( Deed of notification) The party concerned has been informed that an appeal to overrule the decision can be lodged with the council for alien law litigation in accordance with article 39/2 of the act of 15 December 1980 the appeal petition must be submitted within thirty 30 of the notification of this decision A request for suspension can be lodged in accordance with article 39/82 of the act of 15 December 1980 please what should I do Thanks

Theoretically it is possible but your family should be able to support the expenses (it means you need to provide the salary statement or balance if you and husband are business owners). and prove that presence of your mother is necessary for well being of your upcoming child

You can PM for detauls