New members of the Dominican Republic forum, introduce yourselves here - 2022

Hi all,

Newbie on the Dominican Republic forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Dominican Republic if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Thanks Julien!

Spend all my winter in cabrera , RD yhis is really love it i m new on the blog

My wife and I are considering moving to the DR. I am 66 and my wife is 63. I'm wondering if we will be able to get health insurance as pensionados?

Looking for a studio or flat to rent for a reasonable price 1 person 😊

Welcome Nachafarm!

Welcome awgoods! Please search the forums for lots of info on health insurance! This topic is for intros and we try to keep it limited to that!

Welcome Karen6755! This thread is for intros! I suggest checking the Classifieds for rental information, or start a thread if you want info on rentals. This is a big country, so it would be helpful to mention location if you do start a thread.

Welcome to everyone. Great job!

Hello all, new to the forum and looking at making the move to the DR for early retirement. Look forward to getting some insight from all of you.


Welcome to the forums. Lots of insight all over the various threads and topics!  I see you started a thread!  Excellent!

Cyn from West Virginia looking to retire in cabarete
Any info would be awesome!
And, can we bring our 7lb dog?

Thanks to all who reply!

Welcome to Cabarete!

You can certainly bring your dog as long as you obtain the 10 day international certification from a qualified vet.  You may want to get a 3 year rabies vaccine for the dog in case you want to bring it back to the U.S.   You are probably already aware of the extremely restrictive CDC regulations about bringing your dog back into the U.S. from the DR.

somscynformed wrote:

Cyn from West Virginia looking to retire in cabarete
Any info would be awesome!
And, can we bring our 7lb dog?

Thanks to all who reply!

Welcome! We try to keep this thread just for introductions. If you have follow-up questions about your dog, or anything else, please search the forum for threads dedicated to those topics. If you can't find a thread that fits your question, please start a new topic!

Also, please read through all the pinned posts - lots of great info there, especially the one on residency!


Welcome Cyn!

Thank you!
Such great info and introductions

Excellent! Thank you so much for the info

My wife and I are hoping to move to Sosua or Cabrera in the next year.  We are coming for our second visit in April.  I am an engineer/missionary and she is an elementary teacher.  We are looking forward to making some new friends!
Mark & Janine Murphy from Indiana

Welcome to the forums!  Cabrera is a beautiful area!!! Lots of info here to help you both!

Good afternoon!

Im interested in opening a recovery home in the Dominican Republic.
Im wondering what certifications (if any) are legally required to operate. Any information you could provide would sincerely be appreciated.


HI Alison welcome to the forums. I responded to your private message!

Hi everybody ,
i m a french canadian lady and i m  looking for moving soon to RD
I was travelling so many time at Puerto plata and Punta Cana and i m falled in love with this country,the people,their culture,and for sure the whether😊
At Montréal ,the winther is very cold year   after year
So please everybody fell free to give me any kind of information
I don t know from where  i have to start and i m asking  my self about my security
  if beeing alone ,leaving alone it will be secure or is depending of the area
Thank you and have a great day !!!


I am moving to Sosua in January 2023 from the Toronto area in Canada.  Any insight on shipping items and furnishing the place would be welcomed!

Can't wait!

we just moved here from the states, we rented an apt at ciudad colonial to do research of places to buy.
place is a studio but very cozy amd modern so we are happy so far. safe as it has a locked door with a person 24 hr at front to let you in
let me know if you need anything

Welcome to everyone.  There is a ton and f information on the various threads. Start reading and feel free to ask questions as needed and start your own threads.

Hi Julien!

Thanks for posting this! Not SO new to the forum but started on here in the last six months, so new enough! :-)

My partner Todd and I aren't expats to DR but we ARE figuring to become expats when we retire in 5-8 years, most likely to Costa Rica (personal preference, we live in south Florida, so DR is a bit TOO much like home!). Having said that, we DO own a vacation/holiday/investment home in the Bavaro Beach area, and do visit from time to time.  This will probably increase once we have it paid off later this year and can worry less about HAVING to rent it vs. being more particular about guests. :-)

Thanks to planner, DominicanadaMike, ddmcghee, and others who have given me/us advice so far on rentals, where to find things (hardware and electronics stores!), local laws, etc. These little tidbits may seem insignificant but they have meant the world to us and saved us a LOT of time, money, running around aimlessly, and general frustration in getting our home ready for others to enjoy as much as we do. The DR is an interesting place. We almost wish it was a little LESS like home, so we'd be less inclined to think of things in terms of having what travel guru Rick Steves calls "an American experience." The more we visit, the more we find little local things that remind us to live as the locals do, rather than comparing things to home, or even saying "this is just like" or "this is sort of like"(that thing at home). 

Our DR adventure has been a challenge so far, but the deeper into it we get, the better it's been. We're looking forward to seeing where it takes us. :-)

Kevin and Todd

Welcome to the forums!  You are the reason we do this!   So glad you are finding the forums helpful.

Your posts are very helpful, planner, even if they're not in answer to my own questions. Thanks for helping all of us!  :D:cool:

W'ce learned so much here! Always willing to pay it back!

Hello Everyone.

Wade, Hodges and Mia Miller (2 years old) are in the process of relocating to Cabarete.  We'll finish the purchase of our condo on Tuesday and we have already bought a Jeep... Talking to Lily now about residency.... so thanks for all the helpful info on the forums!

We are from Charlotte, NC USA and have also spent 3 years living in the south pacific islands on a sailboat.  We are excited for this next adventure and appreciate the warm welcome so far to the amazing country of the Dominican Republic.  We chose it for its island vibe (which is good but a pain when you need to get something done), great surf conditions, surprising cuisine, great people, and of  course the climate.  Overall its the people that we met in the country that made us decide to go for it and buy a condo.

Looking forward to connecting with more of you soon!
-Wade, Hodges, Mia

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new home! My husband (RockyM) and I moved to Las Terrenas from Charlotte in July of 2020.

You're in good hands with Lily! She is simply the best! I had a non-legal emergency on Friday and she helped me tremendously!

Read through all the pinned posts and the read of the threads and start a new one if you have a question that doesn't fit an open thread.


Welcome to the forums!

Hi, I moved here from Sweden in December and I am living in Santo Domingo with my wife. I am looking for English speaking friends here in Dominican Republic.


Welcome to the forums Tomas.  I am also in Santo Domingo.  I will message you privately.

Meanwhile lots of great info on the various threads here!

Good day.  I first visited the DR in 1999 and fell in love.  I have always wanted to live there.  The last two pandemic years have been challenging and I now find myself 55 single with no responsibilities but a cat.  I always wanted to speak another language and live in another country.  So I have decided to semi retire to the DR.  I am looking into TESL type of work, tour guiding, bar tending and whatever else would get me out into the community.  I have set my move date to Jan 2023 to give me time to hopefully find TESL job, get vet info, visas, apt. rentals,  and everything else required.

As a 55 women,  any ideas of areas, security, safety etc.  I do want to be in an affordable area close to the ocean, not in the big city, with both locals and expats nearby?  Is it difficult to rent furnished homes that allow cats?

Welcome to the forums!  Lots of great info in various threads here honey!  Easy to find apartments that take cats.  Start reading various discussions regarding locations.  Each area has pros and cons!

Hola, I will be relocating to the DR from Atlanta in July…I know I will have a million questions. I look forward to communicating with you all.

Welcome to the forums.   Start reading and then feel free to ask any questions you need.

Hello All,

I just joined. I vacation in Puerto Plata 2-3x per year. Looking to build a retirement villa there, this year!

Looking forward to the wealth of knowledge on the forum!

Welcome to the forums.  Please  start reading, so much  to find in the various threads.  Feel free to ask questions there and start a thread any time you need to.

Hello everyone!

My name is João, but call me John.
I'm moving from São Paulo, Brazil next month to Santo Domingo with my wife and my dog.
I'll go first to get to know the city better and decide where to live. I heard a lot about Piantini and Naco, but since we've lived in a huge city all of our lives, we would like to live somewhere that is safe enough to walk alone in the night with our dog, that hast markets and pharmacies in walking distance but that also comes with a view. We need some ocean view  Any tips?
I work at the aviation business and I'm coming to help with the new Dominican Airline, Arajet.
Nice to meet you all!!

Welcome to the forums John,   Lots and lots of info on the various threads for you.   I will message you as I live in Santo Domingo as well.

You may want to start a thread to ask your specific questions, we keep this one for introductions!