Expats: two step authentication

This is my first post.  I'm a newbie at this and I believe there are persons out there who are successfully dealing with this.   Just as an example, you are a US expatriate in France.  You want to log into your brokerage account.  In the US you have double authentication and normally you get an sms with a temporary password.

How do you deal with double authentication in France.  You don't want the sms coming through Verizon.  Do you get a local sim card and continue to receive sms?  Would US brokerage firms send such an sms?

Finally, many techies don't think you should use sms for double authentication.  What do you do instead?  Thanks.

I dont have the double authentication, and it worked just fine on my last trip to France.
I use fidelity. Just be sure your connection is secure.

So places will allow the second authorization as an email.

2-factor authentication is a real problem.  If you have the option to use email instead of SMS, that'll solve your problem.  I've read that some investment companies are closing accounts with expats, so even if their website lets you enter a French phone number, I don't recommend taking that risk.  There are SMS forwarding companies (I use one called TossableDigits.com) that can email you each SMS it receives, and then you can change your phone number with your investment company to use that virtual phone number.  If they send from a short SMS phone number, it might just not work with a virtual phone number (I had that problem with Wells Fargo). Hope this helps.

Thanks, Bobmo.  Happy with any help I can get.  Not all will allow sending the code to email.  I'll experiment.

Thanks for your input.  You're right double authentication is a real problem security and otherwise.  Some institutions cannot even manage theirs-scary.  So far trying to use the email option exclusively looks the best.  I've heard of the problem you mentioned with the virtual phone numbers.  I've heard that you can have problems using vpns too.  Will look into Tossable Bits-thanks for the headsup.

Have your verification go to an email address instead of a cell phone.

Thanks.  That was my solution too so it is good to see 2 persons agreed.  Problem is that I hear that financial services are moving away from using email for 2 step.  I hope not.

This this is a worry for us as well. It's very complicated having those types of accounts as an expat.

Thanks.  Will keep trying things.  Will share if I find anything good.

Hi and sorry for my late reply. Yes, PLEASE keep me posted if you discover new information and I'll do the same. Thanks very much!

I have touch ID on my iphone. Both my bank and brokerage firm accept that, so no double authentication necessary.

For all my financial institutions there is only 2 choices sms or call

I have touch id to access the website but then when you need to make an outgoing transaction they require to send you a text

I don't have 2-step auth too. I've never faced hacking my accounts

For Bank of America I use a security key. For Schwab I use their VIP access app. Both work well
Hello everyone, I am living in Montpellier (from the US) and have been having this issue as well. At this time, I have not been able to access my investment accounts nor can I send a wire transfer from my American bank as both require 2-step authorization and neither will allow an email. I have decided that the only thing I might be able to do, but I have not tried it yet, is put in an American SIM card (which fortunately I have) and use it with WIFI to call and connect with these companies. It is truly a crazy thing that the investment companies (which are international) and banks do not have a work around for this. I have a Chase account and was given a collect phone # or 405-272-9935-if somebody deals with Chase-maybe this will work? I have not tried it yet. Good luck. Good thread.

Thanks for the input. Have a great day.