Is a joint wife and husband D7 Application Form possible

Just seeking clarification. My wife and I are planning a move from US to Portugal next year on a long stay passive income category. The D7 application form has no provision for applying jointly. It appears that it can only have a single applicant. If so, do i need to send in a separate D7 application form for my wife? If not, can i include passive income from her accounts as well even though her name doesn't show on the application form itself? Similarly, for the criminal background check, do i just send my record to the local embassy or send her background check as well?


You need only one application for D7. Family members can apply for residence permit upon arrival to Portugal traveling with main applicant.

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Just to add this to the previous post:


Application for residence card is scheduled (via an electronic platform) and submitted by the holder of the right to family reunification

- Extract from the judicial record in the country of origin or of provenance of each family member (where the family member has been residing for a period exceeding one year) except for under 16 years old

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Thank you both, JohnnyPT and Stas!

Thank you Stas! I'll travel with my wife and she will obtain touristic visa. Can we go together for initial SEF appointment to apply my residence card and family reunification together?

@basil3 Hi, would like to find out how you were able to tackle this issue.

It is easy to apply. You just duplicate the documents so that there is one bundle for each of you. As long as you meet the required passive income along with the other requirements (housing, travel insurance etc.) you should be ok.
That is what my wife and I did (from UK).
@RobLane I'm in the process of doing this with my husband, too, in preparation for our Stage 1 appointment next week. His pension just covers the 1.5 x minimum wage required as passive income; mine isn't quite enough for me to apply separately, although we will be adding rental income on our UK home, as well as remote work for me on a fixed term contract.
I've put together a separate wallet of documentation for each of us, and then a joint folder which we'll present at our stage 1 application, with our individual wallets ready in reserve!
Hope this helps others, and hope it's an acceptable approach. I'll let you know in due course!

@basil3 me and my partner are trying to secure our d7 1st appointment. If we both apply for d7 but him as main applicant, how does it work with passive income ? We will have rental from our house in Uk £1000 month and me £400 from pip . Joint savings of approx 30k in Portuguese account? Help it's confusing:)

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D7 visa - Minimum Resources

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My partner( we are not married but have been together for 8 years) are planning on retiring ( long term rental)  in Portugal. We both pass the passive income requirements. Should we individually apply for a d7 visa?

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You can apply together, if you wish. … dence-visa

For accompanying family member applying for a residence visa:


The partner, in Portugal or in other country, with whom the foreign resident citizen has a civil union, duly proved under the law;


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Immigration consultant here.

If you have the means and meet all the requirements, I advise you to apply individually for the D7. Family reunification is taking too long and that will get you "stuck" in nthe country.


Hi ... could I confirm something please.

Did you complete a D7 application form for each of you to go with your separate bundles of documents?

Did you make a VFS appointment for each of you or just 1 appointment in one name and then attended together?

I thought I understand the process but the more I read, the more I get confused! 😕😩

Thank you in advance for any clarification 😊

We have just had our appointment in Manchester.  It is two separate applications, with two appointment times.  When booking there is an option to add an applicant but system kept crashing.  I booked 2 appts one after the other.  Had to provide a full set of documents for each application even though a lot of them were the same.  Also in our Personal Statement we referenced each other and said we would be moving together.  Hope this helps


Thank you, that is very helpful.

Much appreciated

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Hi again,

Would you be so kind as to let me know when you get your decision please so that we can get a rough idea of how long it takes for them to process applications at the moment.

Thank you again

June ☺️

@juniper2965 Hi June, another thing we came across was we had documents that had either been requested or we had made reference to that the lady didn't want to take off us.  I insisted that she included them as part of our application.  One of which was the NIF Number which she said wasn't needed and proof of travel arrangements as we had ticked the box for prepaid travel.  I also printed a checklist of all documents that are essential and ticked them off as I handed them over just in case I missed something.  Probably OTT and over cautious, but that's just me.


@juniper2965 of course.  According to Portuguese MOFA its a maximum of 60 days.  Our appt was 30th March, so I'll keep you updated on time frames


@shelly14 it can go up to 90 days. There are major delays in visa approval's process.

@Nia Queiroz Yes, I had read that.  It doesn't seem to make sense.  We had already paid for travel on 15th Sept, but VFS required it to be "Within 90 days of Application" so we had to change it to June.  Potentially will have to change it again depending on how long the visa takes to process.  Thanks for confirming this


Thats interesting!

I'm like you, so will probably do the same with checklist! Lol

Thank you.

@juniper2965 Hi, update on D7 Visa.  We had our interview at VFS Manchester on 30th March.  On 18th April we rec'd an email from the PT Consulat requesting further info which I responded to the same day, and today 4th May we had both of our visas approved with an appointment with the SEF on 31st July.  It came a lot quicker than I expected.

Good luck with yours


WOW... that was quick! 😲

Congratulations & well done you 👏 👏👏👏👏

Would you mind me asking you a few more questions as you obviously did everything right! Lol

1. Do you already have your own property in Portugal or did you get an annual rental?

2. Is it just travel insurance needed for VFS and then full health insurance for SEF appointment?

3. What date did you give as your "intended date of travel" and did they grant your part 1 visa and book your SEF appointment in line with your travel dates? 

I'm so paranoid about doing something wrong!

Sorry, thats a lot of questions... Im sure you're busy so I'll understand if you don't have time to respond to me.

Thank you again 😊

@juniper2965 same here,

My appointment is on June 6 and I am planning to give them a tentative day of leaving around Sep 7, I am so worry if the whole thing comes super fast!

Knowing which tentative date they give them is a must!

@juniper2965 Hi, for our appt on 30th March, we put date of travel as 25th June, as we had already booked a ferry crossing intended for a holiday.  I received an email from Consulat notifying us that the visa had been approved along with a date for SEF for 31st July. The passports will now he sent back to VFS for them to send back to us by courier.   Yes we have owned a house for a few years now in Portugal, and also own a car over there.  As for insurance, I'm still unsure.  We used AXA Schengen Insurance and took out 6mths starting from 15th June, this was acceptable for the first stage, and will still he valid when we attend SEF.  Some say we can use this for SEF some say we can't, so our plan is to go over and use the time to sort it out.  Once I know more I will update you. 

Michelle x

Thank you Michelle, so helpful... you're a angel! 😇

@shelly14 Axa schengen is a travel insurance, required for the visa. For SEF appoitment you will need a Portuguese Health Insurance.

Immigration Consultant here.

Can you identify some Portuguese Health Insurance companies - would that for instance include companies like Cigna which are not specifically Portuguese and would that be acceptable?



Can you identify some Portuguese Health Insurance companies - would that for instance include companies like Cigna which are not specifically Portuguese and would that be acceptable?


Private Healthcare System in Portugal

@roz66 yes. You can use Cigna, but I would recommend a Portuguese company. Medis is my recommendation.



@basil3 each visa application is stand alone and must be complete. Although, there are vehicles like a Term of Responsibility and your personal statements that connect you. I'd suggest you consult with a visa consultant. ***

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@litgirl65 how did this go for you?

@shelly14 what additional info did they come back and ask for?

@RobLanecan you advise if same documents to be replicated  (motivation letter, accommodation, passive income etc.) for kids also, I am applying D7 visa along with wife and two children ( below 10 years). thanks.