Success rate of D7 Visa applications?

Hey everyone, thanks for all of your advice so far, this has been so useful.

So, my family and I are leaving the UK to live in Portugal and looking to get a D7 Visa. We have a NIF, bank account and fulfil all of the requirements for passive income etc. But this still means we have to sell all of our possessions and say our goodbyes to our family and friends - its a big deal.

I'm doing this myself, without a lawyer, but I'm getting concerned we could do all of this and still be refused a Visa. What is the success rate of a D7 Visa? If you fulfil everything, are you guaranteed access?

I have the same question. I hope someone here could help us … r/art89-2/

You may find some info in this regards. How do you plan to apply?

If you satisfy all the criteria and have all the supporting documents then you will not be declined. Portugal is keen to attract people especially if they are bringing money into the country and investing in the future.

Please have the rental for one year and enough amount in Portugal bank for two years .. Lawyer advices to show 16k in Portugal bank for person.

Please have the rental for one year and enough amount in Portugal bank for two years .. Lawyer advices to show 16k in Portugal bank for person.

We had a year's lease, but only needed 9 K in a joint account for final SEF interview in Portugal.

I just left the VFS processing center. They asked only for documents on the D7 retirement checklist. Only one request not on   checklist. They asked for my appollizied FBI report. Thank goodness I had it for the SEF which I interpreted was needed for SEF.  The processor is exactly that, processes data. I already received Embassy FedEx notice of return package being sent. Really???


@seasunhere Franco, exact same thing happened to me. VFS for Portuguese D-7, at least in D.C., seems to play fast & loose with the rules and decisions. VFS has told me documents were missing from a D-7 Application, when they were in the application folder. I even included a table of contents in Portuguese and English, plus color and number coded the contents of the application. VFS has told me I needed a cover letter about my intentions  regarding living in PT, when there was no such requirement listed on either the VFS or PT Embassy website. VFS staff refused to give the fee amounts to me over the phone, insisting that they were on their website, even though this information was NOT on their site then, although it had been previously.

  • VFS emailed me after receiving my D-7 Application for retirement, based on my government pension proven by First-source documents in the application. VFS said "the Embassy had a new requirement" that an applicant have a Portuguese bank account with sufficient funds init for 12 months, based on PT wages. First of all, it is not possible for an applicant to obtain a PT bank account without personally going to PT and signing papers at the bank. This, it is a practical impossibility to fulfill such a requirement without going to PT before you file an application. Secondly, while there is a legal requirement to prove annual income of a certain amount to obtain a D-7 visa, that amount can be proven by documented pension income (for D-7 retirement visas) or pretty much any type of income for non-retirees. A specific bank account amount is not listed as a requirement on either the VFS or Embassy websites and I was not able to find any reference to such a specific requirement anywhere on the internet at the time I received that VFS email in Fall 2021.   Also, VFS emailed with regard to my first application, that included assigned letter of invitation from the PT resident I was renting from, per requirements listed on the web), that the person I was renting from had to fill out a form, the link to which was below the message. There was no link to any such form in the VFS message, there was no such form or link on the VFS or Embassy websites, not did a silent web search result in any such form. I replied as much to VFS and never got a response.  In Addison, VFS does not return  the Embassy fee of over $100 USD, when they return an application they deemincomplete, despite that theEmbassynever even gets those rejected applications.

There is o appeal process for VFS  decisions or other legal remedies
Their legal disclaimer is as long as Moby Dick and absolved them of any type of potential liability for anything they do in relation to processing or failing to process a visa application. This is quite outrageous in many respects, for a privately held company that is a federal government contractor with many nations to have this muchmonopolistic,  exclusive power over visa applications. I suggest you write your Congress members in U.S. or equivalent in other countries, if you are troubled by this level of arbitrary power that VFS exercises.

@cern2710 did you also provide proof of  income (like rental, pension or other passive income) with the $16k in the bank to get approved? I wonder if relying only on an amount in the bank (2 years worth or more) is enough to get approved without evidence of monthly passive income. Anyone have success with just the bank amount?

@Thesixfam i have the same question - could i simply throw a bunch of cash into an account in portugal that exceeds 2 or 3 years rent and would that suffice?


hi. looking into the same.

did you manage to make the move, without too much hassle?  would appreciate any tips or pointers.

have a nice day.

I make a €16000 deposit in a bank account, but the embassy and the bank ask me for where my funds was coming.

And embassy told me to bring my work contract and paystubs before give me the D7 visa

I believe that funds are not sufficient if you don't bring what is your source income.


Can anyone tell me how long D7 processing in Wash. D.C. is, generally, taking at this time? VFS tracking says my application has been dispatched and is "in process." I applied on 9/1 and materials were sent to Consulate same day.  I know could take up to 60 days, but was curious what others are experiencing.

Thank you.


@sanders1406 I went through Newark New Jersey which is direct, without VFS, and that took approximately 2.5months. Their estimate originally was 30 days. Got the visa in August.

@rickbecker66 hello, did you need a form signed by a local resident to confirm where you are living for your SEF interview.  Thank you.

@sanders1406 We did ours there on Aug 27th,  we used our daughters address as the return point for the passports. She received them October 5th.

After she Fedx'd them to us, we went online to SEF, entered our Visa # and got our appointment date. June 2023

@sempervaliant Hi,Yes you can get a PT Bank account from any country without going to Portugal.HERE IS HOW.First, you have to have a NIF.I have never found a Portuguese Bank that would allow a person to open an account without a NIF. NIF is similar to a Social Security # (in the USA) for the Portuguese, so Like in the USA you need one to open a bank account.You Can Get a NIF and a Bank account While in the USA, cheaply and without a lawyer.Get a NIF from ***. It costs about $80 USD. and it works! You can save a little ($5) by using coupon code "barefoot5" at checkout.WAIT (takes a couple of weeks and a few documents) to receive your NIF Number,Second, get your bank account ONLINE.Apply for a bank account online at You have to download their app from the app store and apply through the app, including uploading documents, Including your brand new NIF. Then WAIT. The final step in the process is a personal video interview with the Bank's Identity Specialists. This service is in high demand and therefore be prepared to wait and try over and over again. The ID Service is located in Portugal so they are only opened in the USA's Moring Hours (depending on your time zone). My experience was to connect to the verification service every morning as soon as I got up (7:30 EST) and then wait for a connection, you can figure that if they have not connected by about noon to 1:00pm EST they are closed in Portugal. I waited 4 days without ever connecting but "Boing" on the 5th day after about an hour I was greeted by an Id Specialist and was able to complete my application. A couple of things to know, they needed a document that I was not prepared with and therefore I had to upload later (A completed and signed W9 from the US government) which delayed the account opening by about a week. The second was the amount of the initial deposit, They require €1000 initial deposit as a wire from your REAL bank, not WISE or REVOLUT, so be prepared.The whole process has taken the better part of 5 weeks, but your mileage may vary, so remain resolute and patient.Disclosure: If you use the coupon code to purchase NIFOnline, You will get a discount and I will make a commission.Good

Hi The1Fitz,

That website you are referring here is one of the ways to obtain the NIF, just like other websites.

These websites should only be used if there is no other way and you have urgency to obtain the NIF, and you are not in Portugal. Remember that obtaining the NIF in Portugal is completely FREE.

You can make a trip to Portugal, which besides being a tourist trip, can be used to deal with your NIF, bank account, etc, completely FREE of charge.

Remember that US citizens can travel to Portugal without a visa and stay up to 3 months.

It does not seem right to me to be here referring to your personal experience and simultaneously trying to make money out of it, through promotional coupons?...

Please read the rules of this forum. Advertising is not allowed and you should not be encouraging other people to follow a solution that will bring you personal profits ... ....

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@JohnnyPT  when you say a American can stay there for 6 months. Is it without a visa and apply for a extension?

Hi @ichirakuramen, Welcome.

Sorry, the 6 months mentioned above is for UK citizens. I have already rectified that wrong information.

If you are a US citizen and want to visit Portugal as a tourist or for a business trip, then you do not need to apply for a visa. You can stay in Portugal for a maximum of 90 days within a six-month period (all trips to Portugal and the Schengen Area combined).

https://washingtondc.embaixadaportugal. … -de-vistos

For students, this period is extended to 12 months.

https://washingtondc.embaixadaportugal. … m-portugal

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@hazmog how has everything worked out in your relocation?