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Does anyone have any advice on what type of thing to put in the personal statement about why you are moving to Portugal in the application for the D7?

Wow !!! I was just writing the exact same question !!!

Lets hope somebody can share a successful example with us !


Hi All,

Please read this:

The Motivational Letter / Personal Statement
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@JohnnyPT  Hi Johnny, my Husband and I have our VSF appt in a couple of weeks and I am starting to compose my Personal Statement / Motivation Letter.  Its my name only on the property deeds, but his pension income only as proof of finances.  Should I be writing a letter each or separate letters.  If separate letters, is there something else I need to be adding like I am allowing him to live in the house and he will write he will financially support me.

I'm trying to make sure my application is water tight, and I cover every eventuality.



Hi Michelle,

Please do not repeat questions:

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@shelly14 I have a VFS appt for May 9th in San Francisco with my longtime partner... we are currently typing up our personal statements... How did your appointment go? Much like yourself, I am trying to hammer out all the details perfectly so there is no issues

The actual appt. was fine, we were not asked anything.  She checked the insurance and that was about it.  However we did receive an email from the Consulate about 2 weeks after the appt asking us to clarify a couple of points at the request of the SEF.  The first was the total valuation  of our pensions.  I'd written in the personal statement the amount we would receive each month and submitted all if the pension statements giving the current valuations.  They wanted the total valuations for all 4 of pensions as one figure. The second was my employment, even though I'd explained I am currently employed in the UK but if our Visa is approved I would give up my job and take retirement, this seemed to confuse them.  I then had to write, sign and email back as a pdf an additional Statement.  I would say to write it as simply as possible, give as much detail on income as possible and if you have more than 1 source of income, break it down and also give the total amount.   We are still waiting on a decision, but it has only been 4 weeks since our appt, and a week since we emailed the info back to them.  Here in the UK and Portugal there have been a lot of public holidays in April and more to come in May.

I wish you both the best of luck


Thank you for the advice.

My husband and I live in Colorado, USA.

We are applying for D2 Visas- migrants entrepreneurs-.

We are both in our 30s and are close to purchasing a bed & breakfast in the Azores.

We are anxious. This forum has been very helpful.

Best of luck to you and your husband.



You might explain why you have chosen Portugal as your destination. This could include factors like the country's culture, lifestyle, quality of life, climate, or any personal connections you might have to the country for example.

The D7 visa is often linked to demonstrating financial self-sufficiency. Provide details about your financial stability and how you plan to support yourself in Portugal. This could involve discussing your sources of income, investments, or savings.

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