Health Insurance for D7 Visa

I'm looking around for the Health Insurance required for the D7 application. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice? A rough idea of the cost would be appreciated too. I am in early 50s and my wife in her late 40s would ideally like it to be only for the period required for the Visa application.

following this thread for similar reasons. :)

When you apply for your D7 Visa you will need to have an International health insurance valid for the period you will travel + stay in Portugal.

The insurance policy must include coverage for all medical expenses, including urgent medical assistance (urgent need for medical care and emergency hospital treatment) and possible repatriation for medical reasons.

Once you have gained your temporary residency, you can then change to a local health insurance plan here in Portugal or choose to not have private insurance as you are entitled to the public system.


Allianz … rance.html




See "Other Worldwide Health Options for expats in Portugal" … 96#4996733

Thanks! That's pretty much everything I needed to know. When you say it has to be International Health Insurance, can you explain what you mean? Does it mean I can't use a portuguese health provider to only cover within Portugal?

I think that the insurance companies in Portugal only accept insurance cover for residents in Portugal. With the exception of Allianz, which also sells in Portugal, but belongs to Allianz Worldwide Care.

I'm not sure, you can find out more using the contact details provided on the companies' websites here: … 96#4996733

We came to Portugal in 2018 under D7. For the International Health Insurance requirements, we purchased an annual world
travel insurance policy from
Allianz. Just to clarify that a half-year (6-month) policy with Portugal  coverage is only necessary to meet the international health insurance requirements for D7. For convenience,  opting for a travel insurance coverage with Europe is readily available and not Portugal per se. :p

When we came to Portugal, our banker arranged for us to be convered by Medis and we used this for our initial SEF appointment.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the info re D7. I'm 76yr old and finding the costs are very high. The cheapest I'd £700 per month which takes a huge portion.
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Yes unfortunately, we get penalized for aging. I have Fidelidade and I am paying more than 110 euros/month. I haven't tried it yet since there is a waiting period of 4 months before the insurance kicks in.

With it, I will pay only 8 euros to see a doctor (hopefully he/she will speak a little English or French because my Portuguese is very bad. I am trying to learn but it's difficult.


Hi JohnnyPT
The D7 asks for proof of healthcare insurance but while all the forms are being examined and we finally get the go ahead it could take up the 4 months does this use up the policy time limit or is there a way around this?

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You will need to purchase Travel Insurance with Health Coverage for one year. This health insurance must be part of the documentation for D7 visa to be submitted to the Consulate.

This 1 year requirement has to do with the time that elapses between the beginning of the D7 application at the Consulate ... until you get your residence permit.

1 year is perfectly enough to contemplate the time to examine your documentation and the D7's 4 months duration for you to come to Portugal and request the Residence Authorization at SEF. … 42#5168245
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any recommendation for Job seeker visa travel insurance for visa application from Singapore?

Johnny I got my Visa Approved in just under two weeks! Thanks so much for your continued support through the process . . .

Onto my SEF appointment now in April, just started to research what extra docs I might need for that, link us to any resources you might have please.



Hi Rich,

Thank you for your feedback.

Answer here: … 52#5585605

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Hello I am presently applying for a D7 visa and welcome any help with this. My appointment is 3/2. In addition, can anyone let me know if I can travel to Italy from US before I go to Portugal after getting approval of my D7 visa.

My daughter is relocating to Italy at the same time I want to travel to Portugal and wishing to travel with her before I go to Portugal.

I welcome any suggestions please, thank you much.


Hi Marlene,

Sure. Italy and Portugal belong to the schengen area. You can stay for the full three months (max)  allowed for visa-free visitors. Take into account the recommendations given in this link from US Gov: … engen.html


Could you provide a link to Fidelidade?

Thank you.

Fidelidade (english version) … epage.aspx

Private Healthcare System in Portugal

@Md Rafiul Islam Hi , are you applying D7 as well ? Im from SG too


My visa appointment is on 3/8. I already own an apartment in Portugal and have Medis private insurance since December. Do I still need to purchase travel insurance? I'd like to avoid paying for another policy if I don't need it, but it's hard to find a clear answer on this.


Hi Regina, Welcome.

Travel insurance is designed for people to cover cancellations, personal belongings and emergencymedical treatment on your journey, whereas your health insurance is designed to cover inpatient treatment check-ups and continuing treatment of chronic conditions in Portugal.

But you can check if your Medis insurance also covers travel insurance.



Just saw your post on D7/healthcare. I've been in PT for 5 months. I have the required travel insurance with 6 months of medical coverage. My SEF appointment is next week. Travel insurance policy is still active. Curious as to why you moved to Medis prior to your SEF appointment? Do I need a different, private insurance prior to my SEF appointment? Was planning to register for state health coverage and private insurance after I received my residence permit.

Would appreciate your input.

Thank you.

Choosing a health insurance plan is a very responsible task.

Choosing a health insurance plan is a very responsible task.

If you're looking for health insurance for your D7 visa application, one option is to consider using a health insurance broker like [link moderated]. They can help you navigate the different insurance options available and find a plan that meets your specific needs and budget. Additionally, they can provide you with a rough idea of the cost and answer any questions you may have about the application process.

D7 health/travel insurance is highly confusing.   Look at all the questions.  If one is coming from the U.S. and requires US coverage for repatriation, rates are high - $900/month or more for someone in their 60s.  That's more than the minimum monthly income needed for the D7 eligibility. Surprising that no business has cropped up specializing in in the same D7-compliant insurance to simplify the process.

Hi, I have a query regarding the D7 visa as I have been looking into the option of immigration through the aforementioned route to Portugal for my retired parents.. what is the minimum price for acquiring the medical insurance for non EU citizens to qualify for the D7?

Also, please feel free to share your thoughts on what is the most affordable/cheapest city to buy property in Portugal (enough to accommodate 2 people; my parents). Thanks

Hi Shiza, Welcome.

The insurance amounts depend on the health coverages. You have to do quotes and see what suits you best:

Private Healthcare System in Portugal

Regarding the cost of living, this site may be of some help. You can change city, compare cities, etc:

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Hi, we have got Portuguese health insurance with existing medical conditions not covered, we have our SEF appointment next month, however on the insurance documents it shows we are not covered for everything. Has anyone had this issue and will SEF accept us for residency?

Thank you.