Electrician looking to move and work in Sweden from UK

Hi there, I'm an electrician from the Uk, I travel to northern Sweden a lot to fish, and I love the place. Ive spoken for years about selling my house and moving there. Im just wondering how difficult it is for us Brits to move to Sweden now after Brexit, and how difficult it is for an Electrician to find a job there. I don't speak Swedish, but obviously, if plans were in motion to move id spend a lot of time trying to learn the language. I have a family of 4, I could easily afford a house when I sell mine. I usually travel to Lulea and Boden and would like to live in that Norrbotten area.
Also, my electrical qualifications will suffice in Sweden as all the wiring regulations are the same.

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Norrbotten is a one of the most spectacular regions in the whole world, but my question is why you delayed so long? 9 months ago you still had an easy way out.

However anyone can buy house in Sweden, whether Swedish inhabitant or not doesn't matter and which citizenship doesn't matter so it won't be a problem. But if you are going to work as an electrician you need to learn good Swedish because you need to get certified in Sweden to work in Sweden https://www.elsakerhetsverket.se/en/pro … orisation/

But since the property prices are way cheaper up there you easily can buy a house there and also earmark a good startup capital for some kind of a business from your house selling deal, if business is something for you. 

And as far as I understood from those between the lines of various Brexit related official political statements, there will be som kind of an agreement between these two countries in the future right after Brexit period gone out, which can make things easier to some level again but in different way than it was. However only some of those statements and news can be read in English   https://www.government.se/search/?query=brexit   



I live in the UK and have just bought a property in the north of Norbotten with a friend and was just looking for local electricians and this forum popped up with your message.

After seeing your message I wondered how you got on and whether you found a place in Sweden to live?


Hej Jimmy,

I'm not British (Born in Republic of Ireland) but I found it hard to find a job outside the big cities because of my level of Swedish.

If I was an electrician I would contact some local fish factorys or perhaps logging companies further north where you would like to be based as most of the factories I have been in here need an onsite local technician/electrical team.

Hope that somewhat helps, plus I am big into Sea Fishing around Sötenas!