Moving to Sweden with my Pinay girlfriend

Hi all

I am a Danish citizen who met a nice Filipina girl a couple of years ago. We have visited each other regularly - me going to the Philippines for all my vacations - and she has been here once on a 3-months-visitors visa.

We are both getting tired of a long distance relationship and want to live together somewhere in the world. As the immigration rules here in Denmark are quite strict (unless we marry, which I´m not really ready for yet) - like many other Danes - we have been thinking about relocating to Sweden as a possibility.

Personally I work in the Financial Sector here in Denmark - and I´m tired of my current employer - so I wouldn´t mind looking for a new job in the Copenhagen area - whilst living in Sweden. Even it won´t be easy for me to find a job in the Copenhagen area, realistically it is possible.

But this post concerns my girlfriend more than me. Currently my girlfriend lives in the Philippines where she works as an assistant chef in a large restaurant chain.

I have visited the homepage of "Migrationsverket" - which are the Swedish immigration authorities. As far as I can see, it would be possible for my girlfriend to obtain a permit to stay in Sweden, once she has a job offer from a swedish employer, a job offer that fulfils the requirements, set up by the Swedish immigration authorities.

I would like to hear from e.g. other Pinays, currently living in Sweden: How was your way to Sweden? Where did you look for jobs? What sector are you working in? Did you speak swedish before you went to Sweden, and is that a mandatory requirement from most employers? Did you find it difficult to find housing in Sweden?

If you are working in the restaurant / "kockar"-business - was it difficult for you to find a job? Are there any decent jobs that also pay a fair salary? My girlfriend has explained to me that she wouldn´t mind working in the cleaning-business for a beginning too - if that could be the path to get to Sweden.

I know this is probably not going to be easy for me and my girlfriend - but we are just currently looking at, what is a realistic option for both of us at the moment.

Any comments are much appreciated! Thank you!


Im a Filipina but went through the process quite fast because it was 3 years ago. I have friends who just arrived here that's been through the new immigration process. It took them a year before getting approved. I guess due to long queue! I suggest you start the application now so it's on process while you're visiting her in between.

Fiancé or partner visa is the most applicable. She'd get temporary residency permit when it gets approved!


Hej Regine,

Thank you for your reply, it´s much appreciated  :)

Do you know if I can apply for fiancé or partner visa in Sweden even I am not a Swedish citizen? I´m a Danish citizen and as of now I still live in Denmark?

When I contacted the swedish "Migrationsverket" some time ago, I understood that the only possibility for us would be for my girlfriend to find a job in Sweden and then apply for a work permit.

However I can see that the processing time at "Migrationsverket" for a "work permit" is 10-13 months now !! I don´t think many companies / employers can wait for 10-13 months for their employees!

May I ask you: Did you go to Sweden on a fiancé or partner visa or did you have work in Sweden before you went there?

Thanks again for your reply!


It would be a needle in a haystack to find a job for her ever before getting here. I believe you should be living and have swedish visa first before you can take her to sweden otherwise you can just do the danish way.

I got residence permit within 2 weeks after application because I'm a wife to a Swedish man. It went fast.

I heard Filipino applicants now have to wait a long time ca. 1 år, to get their application approved. Did you check how you can get her to denmark? It would be easier in your part, although same waiting time.

Regine 😊

Thanx again for your comment  :top:
Yeah I guess you are right about finding a job in Sweden on beforehand, it won´t be easy - and if the processing time for the application for a work permit exceeds one year it´s hopeless.

Danish immigration laws are among the most strict ones in Europe, as far as I know. So without marrying her or without having lived together on the same address somewhere in the world for at least 1 ½ - 2 years - unfortunately it´s not possible to bring her to Denmark.

I guess I have to discuss the different possibilities with my girlfriend and then decide what we can do  ;)

Best Regards


Oh okay. Yes you both need to talk and weigh your options. Good luck and i hope you come up with a solution. 😊

Mvh regine