Working opportunity in Sweden

Hello, I am Zakaria from Morocco, 22 years old. I am looking for an opportunity to work in Sweden to succeed in my future.

I only need a work contract, and I will bear my living costs. I hope to be successful in finding a job

Hello Zakaria, welcome on board !

We can't help you much since  you haven't provided any detail on your qualification, field of expertise and language skills.

Feel free to read the Work in Sweden articles and to create your CV in the Jobs in Sweden section for better chances of landing a job.

All the best


Good day

i am  B. Tech holder with 13yrs experience as IT System Administrator,

I want to relocate to Sweden from Nigeria, How can you be of help in getting job, ?

Resi­dence permit for highly quali­fied persons to look for work or start a busi­ness … f9cba35528