Experienced IT professional looking for a job in Sweden

Hi All,

I have recently joined this forum. I am planning to apply for Job Seekers Visa and move to Sweden. I am an experienced IT professional looking for a job in Sweden. If anyone of you has started the process, please let me know. There are many questions which I want to clarify, hence joined this forum. Thanks in advance for all the help.

Some questions to start off with:

  1. Is it mandatory to learn Swedish language? If so, would basic level be okay? Is there any certification to be done?
  2. Which company would be good to apply for health insurance? Should it also be Swedish or can one be taken from home country?
  3. Please suggest some job websites where I can upload my CV for interviews and attend from my home country [India]. I am trying from LinkedIn but location seems to be a blocker.

Hello and welcome on board @mqr419749,

Please note that I have created a new thread from your post on the Sweden forum as the New Members thread where you initially posted this message is dedicated only to the introductions of new members.

Have you gone through the articles of the Living in Sweden guide for expats yet as suggested by Romaniac https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 58#5716432 ?

In regards to language, have a look at the following thread : https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 73#4368638

For Health Insurance, we recommend that you go for an international Health Insurance that will cater for your needs both in Sweden and at home or any other country.

Websites to upload your CV and find jobs are all listed in the articles of the Guide pertaining to work. You may also create your CV in the Jobs in Sweden section.

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Short answers

1. Depends, sometimes not needed for job. But it's a mandatory requirement for securing permanent residency now. So you'll need to learn and showcase profiency.

2. I don't believe it matters as long as your insurance covers you appropriately. But going with Swedish company might make things easier.

3. There are many websites, use "sverige jobb sök" in Google.

On top of this I would recommend you to be aware that globally IT sector is undergoing reductions and sweden is no exception. So just spray and pray approach will not work. Good luck.

@Bhavna Hi Bhavna, Thanks for the quick reply. I will be going through the links as suggested. In case of any questions, will continue on this thread. Hope this is fine.

@ekhfaiz Hi Faiz, thanks for the info.