Move in to job offer Sweden

I'm looking for job offer from Sweden

I have experienc in South Korea 5 years

My current location is Qatar

I'm good fit for work

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Go to Discover at the top of this page and then click on the Sweden Guide. Good information to be found there.


Perhaps if you say a bit about your professional experience, people can try to give some advice or information.


I have 13 years working experience in pest identification and control in the public health sector in Sri Lanka.


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Please take the time to read and follow post#2.

@judejayasinghe60 What kind of Job offer are you Expecting from here in Sweden???

@Raghu swed cleaner,nanny, house help  fruits picker or tree planter.I have six years experience in cleaning and nanny work. I will love to move and work in Sweden 🇸🇪. Thanks

@owusu joyce oforiwaa Hello

Please note that as you are not an EU national, it will be complicated. I suggest you read the following : Find a job in Sweden



@Bhavna ok thanks  dear