Trying to find a job in Sweden

Hey Guys,

Im just wondering if anyone can give me any tips on finding a job in Sweden?

I've been here for almost 2 months, and am over the 'holidaying' phase, and now i just get bored sitting at home and doing nothing everyday... So now i am currently looking for a job. Full time or Part time.

I live in Helsingborg, but wouldn't mind travelling to Lund or Malmö if there are any job opportunities there.

I assume it will be harder for me to get a job seeing as i dont speak Fluent Swedish... But surely there are some places that need English speaking employee's... Or even a job where you don't need to talk to customers... Maybe like factory work or something?

Anyways, any help at all will be greatly appreciated :)

i have seen ur post recently. ur from aussie land right?? and came on holiday work visa.. Well honestly u have chosen wrong country for work , and wrong place to enjoy ur holidays since its the worst time of sweden. i have been here for years so i know swedish environment.
well this is just begining..Job in sweden ????Well its not aussie, i have been my self in australia for 2yrs , i would say a 90 yr old guy prefer aussie than anything. such a beautiful country in all prospects.  let me tell u 1 real fact people here i know havent got job since 4 years so u can expect how the jobs and job market are.. well i suggest u 1 very good thing, go back to the place where u come from its not advice freind , its a truth, dont waste ur time because the market is the worst, and no swede employess come forward unless u r swedish.. its not discouraging but its tru facts. Anyways i wish u all the best .

One more thing , this or that work , like factory or any requires full swedish, so think again ...


A bit of balance in here. It's tough getting a job as an expat in Sweden. That's true. But you ask any non English speaking person who has tried to start out in an English speaking country and you'll probably get the exact same answer. This isn't something that is uniquely Swedish.

You need some language skills, to get past the front door. Unless you are incredibly lucky. Your language need not be perfect, but it should be clear to an employer that you're making an effort, and that you're only going to get better. One thing about most Swedish employers is that they do look long term when they hire. And if you've got something they can use, and a language that's improving, then they look a lot more positively.

I don't know what yor background is, but don't think that your previous "non Swedish" work history is going to carry a lot of weight in Sweden. You pretty much have to start over again.  Swedes also have work history, and it's Swedish. You can't compete with that. Being an unqualified "I.T. wizz" from Thailand means absolutely nothing, outside of Thailand. And so on. So adjust your goals, which it sounds like you have. That's good.

If you can tough it out, hit the fulltime language school. For a couple of months at least. You are obviously intending to stay in Sweden for a long time, so what's a few months now ? As a native English speaker you do have an advantage with the language. You should really make the most of that to push your Swedish skills along.

Probably not terribly helpful advice, but it's been my experience. It will come right, but you have to work bloody hard first to become as Swedish as you can. After all, it's their country. And there's too many good things here not to give it your best shot.

Gplusa, I appreciate your reply, thanks :)
I have signed up for a Swedish course, that runs for 2 months, and it starts tomorrow, so hopefully that will give me some more leads on the job hunting :)

That's an excellent idea. An intensive 2 month course will get you well on the way. Not fluent, but they will be impressed. Reading my earlier post again, it did sound a bit doom and gloom. That wasn't my intention, so I apologise for the tone. Having sensible achieveable short term goals is the idea way to achieve success and sanity here. It can mean that you start looking at opportunities that you might never have considered in your homeland. Which can be rather exciting in itself. Life would be much less stressful if I moved back to NZ, but it wouldn't be nearly as much fun. Keep us all posted on the langauge school. It's good to get feedback on what works, and what doesn't.

   Here are a few sites to use to look for a job. Good Luck

Also, you can use Google translate to translate whole web pages to english.

Here are a few more sites that have helped and that I like.

Tom from Sösdala

Thanks so much for those websites, newrecord50 (Tom) :)

I just returned from abroad after ten years "away". I probably speak "fluent" Swedish and have a good education. However, the only way I found to get a job was to get a bike and knock on doors. It is soul destroying in many respects but you have to "stand out" and show you're different. Sitting in front of a pootah screen is not going to "do it" here. There are jobs but the system is not geared for "immediate hiring". Good luck

That is true, pilot673... I think i may just do that...
Thanks :)

I'm gonna throw my two cents in and it's quite different.

First off, I don't know your work background or experience but I do believe Sweden values good experience no matter where you are.  I sent several mails and eventually ended up with two job offers, but I got my foot in the door because of 1. my education; 2. the way i marketed myself.

It's not that hard to get a job but know that in a recession which is now getting worse in terms of unemployment, foreigners stand no change to get a job over a Swede. And shameless plug, you can read more on finding a job in sweden on my blog.

And lastly, do you have some friends here? Start networking, and see what happens.  Good luck!

Sapphire, well i have been working in a media advertising agency in Sydney for over one and a half years before i came to Sweden...
I finished my HSC, but didn't go to Uni or anything because i was so lucky to get an entry level position at this agency, and managed to work my way up.

But yeah, this recession isn't making the job hunting any easier.
I couldn't have picked a worse time to come here.

But yeah, i do have a few friends in my area and around Malmo aswell... and i have tried networking, but so far.. unsuccessful :(

Thanks for your reply!

Hi ,

I am Geetha from India . I am having 4 years of IT experience in Testing. I came to sweden in June 2009 with my husband , who is here since 2007. I am learning Swedish and I am able to understand and speak a little bit of swedish now . I am confident that I can speak better swedish in a month or two.I can speak english fluently.I have posted my resume in all jobsites , but i didnt get a positive reply. I am ready with partime , full time , contract or even interships ( trainee )openings.If anyone come across any openings in your network or friend's circle, please let me know.

Geetha Navaneethan

hi im Ramzi, im inmalmo with my wife , well to have a job in malmo its sooooooo hard

Hi There,
I am travelling to Stockholm on work permit to work for about 2-3 months. Any one can help me in finding some decent and affordable accomodation? Your help is much appreciated.
I'd be glad to share apartment with students or working people.
I am going to work for Kidde Sweden company
please help me

Don't mean to bring up a dead thread, but as of late has been a good source for finding jobs.  They are a search engine that will bring together a number of the sites already mentioned here.

I would skip the jobs section as the j'ocal as it seems to be just sponsored stuff these days; a pay to get in kinda thing and trawling that is not the best way to get a job in Sweden guaranteed.

Another recommendation is the jobs in Sweden section on and trying to identifying companies in Sweden that have a large international base; then hit them with your CV and your linkedin profile.

Hej..How are you? I have seen your post..I would like to ask if you did able to find a job..coz Im currently looking for a job too and I live in Malmö..hope to hear back from you,.Thanks

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Maybe a clue here : Top hiring sectors in Malmö

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Please could you advise me through you are doing your Swedish course.

Thk you