Live and Work in Sweden

Hi Friends,

I'm an Indian working in Singapore presently and contemplating a long term job offer in the IT sector in Sweden.
I have some very basic questions which will help me decide on the decision, would be helpful if this community could provide me some valuable insights. I am listing out my queries below, thanks for the help.

1. Job - Salary for someone with 10+ years of experience in the IT industry whats the average salary to expect?

2. Taxation - Whats the Tax percent and is it the same for Foreigners and Citizens?

3. Housing - I might be looking at working in Stockholm, and am ok to travel for about 45 mins to an hour to work. What are the options in this scenario? Im Single and might just need a 2 bed room apartment or House.

4. Food - I'm vegetarian and prefer to cook my own food, but i might be looking at having lunch outside. Is it tough to find Veg food outside? How much would a typical veg sandwich or Pasta cost?

5. Weather - Is it true that the Winters are horrible and there is no Sun light through out winter?
    Specific question to Asians or Indians - is it tough to adapt?

6. I also heard that there is a high level of depression in general amidst people during the Winter? Is that true?

7. Health care / Insurance - How much would insurance health care cost? Are the subsidies available for foreigners as well?

8. Work Life / Balance - I've heard work life is very good in Sweden, the converse of Singapore ;-) what do people generally do in their spare time? Do Swedes mix well with outsiders?

9. Activities - Im into music and photography seriously, and would want to spend more time on these, with the less available light (I might be wrong) is it really possible to pursue my passion in photography?

That's pretty much I have in my mind at this moment, (Sorry its quite a handful)...Any answers will be truly helpful.

If there are questions about Singapore, please let me know so I can return the favour.


Hi Prkravi, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I wish you good luck and i hope other members will be able to help you very soon.

All the best,

HI Ravi

I am basically an Indian, recently moved to Sweden from Singapore.Well its one of the best place to live and especially if you compare with Singapore its just great and wonderful to choose and to live in. Vegetarian Food is pretty much available but cannot be so diversified food like in India and Singapore though you miss some flavors. Yes vegetarian can survive as you do have your choice of restaurants at certain places in Stockholm. Tax is around 30% unlike in Singapore thats 7%. Salaries are paid better and transportation is good. Housing is furnished in most of the places and well maintained which would cost similar to Singapore . People are helping natured but not open to talk. You don't find racism but neither open mined culture. But you can create your own world as the Asian communities are quite developed and coherent. About sun and moon, well of course in winter you may not find that long hours light but still not really tough to manage. Still some thing is missing to answer I better leave to the rest of them to answer on some as pretty tiresome questionnaire...haha just kidding. Wish you good luck. Have a great day.

Warm Welcome

Good Luck should you decide to move. I am a Londoner and thinkng about coming to Sweden Stockholm. I have been there 4 times and its like I am thinking OK....... What is the catch.... Why is it so nice here and the people seem to LOOK like they ALL have a better quality of life. My fiance goes on about it and I have to say that after visiting Stockholm I have taken to it.

I have ready mixed reviews about Stockholm ie people being rude but i think becuase people in london are very very chatty and maybe the swedish are not it may be deemed rude.

One thing i didnt find it a bargain or cheap.

None of this will probably be helpful but like i said i really enjoyed it.

I am a professional for 9 years in London and previously in Banking JP Morgan. I dont speak swedish which i think is going to be my downfall. One must learn. I dont know how hard it is to find a job.

Anyhow im babbling.. good luck