Hi Friends, looking for a job

I am haitian lady I live in Dominican repúblic. I am an english Teacher. I was teaching English for 3 years in my country I also worked at a restaurant as a waitress. I am looking for a job I Will be grateful. ♥️🙏

Private School In las Terrenas is looking for an English teacher, and I think a few other subjects if anyone else is reading this.  Please email [email protected] I will send info.

Send info please in private

Where do you live? I am looking for a private tutor.

We are in Santo Domingo and I'm looking for someone to teach my staff english..

Welcomed me to the forums.  My first question - do you have a Dominican cedula?   

If not any job has to qualify for work visa sponsorships.  There are new requirements because of Covid and current unemployment rates

Please do not post emails addresses and phone numbers on a public forum.   You can use the private message function to contact each other

No I don't have a cedula.
And my visa expired

I am sorry to hear this Wilda. That makes it far more difficult.