Working in services in DR

Hello everyone!

A week from now I moved to DR and wish to find a job which allow me to settle here. I have already 15 years of experience working in services from bar view. Got all necessary skills, experience and truly love the job, maybe because I simply like people :)

I'm already at Bávaro/Cortecito I'm so open to meet you guys as well as I'm open for your advices considering living here and so on.

Hope someone is up for a meeting :)

All the best!

Well me to the forums!   

Interns of a job - do you have a cedula and residency?  Without that you will find it very hard to get work.

You realize how badly paid bar and service work is here?

I am sure others in the area will be interested in getting together. I am in Santo Domingo.

Hey there!

Thought I can apply for work visa right after positive work interwiew…

Also, considering low earnings, I realise that is far away that I could earn in Europe but in resorts and premium hotels mostly (as heard) they give accommodation and catering so even if they would pay me like 1000 $ monthly I would be fine I guess…

So work visas must be started in your home country.

Unless you are a manager no one pays 1,000 a month.

Waiters here make maybe 300 a month. Bartenders in the best resorts might make 400.  Dining room manager maybe 600.  Same for specialty restaurant at better resorts.

Those jobs are few and far between still and highly contested.  We still have very high unemployment here!

Seriously ? I assume you know what you talking about so i guess i need to re-think my strategy here.. 

Happily I've got some financial backup to work on this… Maybe some remote digital work? Or investing money with someone… ?

My knowledge of wages isn't as extensive as Planner's but everything she said sounds right to me. I also don't believe the resorts provide accommodations - most of the workers live outside the resort areas where housing is much cheaper.

I think work visas are only granted for jobs that require highly specialized skills. I don't think the DR is lacking bartenders and servers, and as Planner said, the unemployment rate is high.

Best of luck in finding a solution that will work for you here!

To live and work legally you need residency.  As others will say, many live here and work remotely

To qualify for residency there are several categories and for all you have to return to your home country to get started.  There is a pinned thread on residency.

I see you guys got knowledge!

Ok then so I let myself ask one more question, I've heard that is no need of reporting extensive stay (over 30days) but just when leaving have to pay some small overstay fee… is that true ? Or they lock me in dungeon when I stay here longer as a tourist.. 😀😜

"even if they would pay me like 1000 $ monthly I would be fine I guess…"

Sorry, that actually made me laugh out loud for a bit.  No, no unskilled job is going to pay anywhere close to that.  You're looking at almost triple the minimum wage for the largest of companies here.  Most resorts hire by contract, and renew every few months, so they don't even really follow the letter of the law.  The only way you are going to find income above $500 monthly is to work remotely.  As stated, work visas need to be sponsored by your employer, and they need to provide solid proof that they can't find the necessary skillset locally.  Working for cash may be possible, but with the threat of ALL your employer's possessions, both personal and business, used in relation to breaking the law being forfeited to the Government, you will find it extremely difficult to make this work.   Add to that, you may end up in a Dominican jail until you or they arrange a flight back to your home country.
Good luck, and keep asking questions, it's the only way to get the information you need.

The overstay fine will be applied.  No one is putting you in jail for that!  :D

The issue with overstay is a potential problem coming back! You can pay your fine and leave, but because you've violated the DR migration laws, they have every right to prevent you from re-entering the country.

Guys thaanks!!!

All The infos and especially all your advices are much appreciated!! Clearly you opened my eyes :) definitely I will think how I can work remotely to earn as much as I need to stay on board:)

If any of you of course need some online help with anything let me know 😛

Now when I'm more aware of situation in my primary branch I'm sure I will move from punta cana to north side of the island. I'm thinking on Puerto Plata - heard many positives about the place, mainly life is cheaper there than here - that's for sure!

If I would have a chance to grab a beer with any of you in the future I will be more than happy!!

All the best beautiful people!

You will find the Puerto Plata area less expensive and very different. I love Puerto Plata!   So Puerto Plata is the province as well as the city.  Take a look at Sosua and Cabarete as well   there are also lots of smaller communities to explore!

Yassss! And as I've seen @unclebuck is there so I could do big cheers with a good man!

Yes you definitely can!!

Pablo, you  dont do your homework. I used to live in Puerto Plata, and I cant even imagine anybody paying you $1000/month plus board to work in a bar. They can pay a pretty girl $200, and no board. Your 16 years experience means nothing.

PabloRutz wrote:

Seriously ? I assume you know what you talking about so i guess i need to re-think my strategy here.. 

Happily I've got some financial backup to work on this… Maybe some remote digital work? Or investing money with someone… ?

Yes, you need to totally re-think your strategy.   

Your chances of getting a work visa  in the DR are probably NIL.

Your chances of making good money are probably NIL.

Visas start in your home country at the DR embassy.

It appears you would not qualify for legal residency in the DR, but many stay illegally and work on line.

Start from there.