Puerto Morelos

Is there anyone living in Puerto Morelos who knows if there is an expat community there.

Hi Dena,I've been in Puerto Morelos several times between 2018-2019.Are you currently in Puerto Morelos right now?I do have a property in cancun about 15-20 minutes from the hotel zone.

I'm living in Playa del Carmen, just a bit south of PM. From what I've seen, many of the foreigners living there are more snowbirds/part timers and digital nomads. It's a quiet area, though. Just make sure you plan to have a car to get around if you move there. IMO it's not as walkable as Playa del Carmen is.

Hi Brodi,
Thanks for your feedback.

Dear Brodi,
Did you choose Playa before you went to Mexico? How are you liking it ?

I'm here with my family. We'd visited a number of times and knew our way around a bit. Plus there is usually an active homeschool community here, although that has largely dried up due to the pandemic. I like that Playa has excellent medical infrastructure as well as options for grocery and restaurant delivery if we don't feel like going out. Since kids under 13 aren't permitted in grocery stores due to COVID currently, I get most of my groceries delivered.

I also like that Playa del Carmen is more central to all the fun things to do in the Yucatan. If you get a place outside Centro (we are across the highway), rents are cheaper and life is calmer. We are in a nice complex with two lovely pools. And Oxxo is right next door for us to get our water jug refills. :-)

Hi Brodi, How do you which of the water in the jugs are better than others suppliers?

IMO they all taste and cost about the same. We get offered water delivery but it's not very regular. Our best bet is to walk next door to Oxxo and exchange our empty jugs for full ones ourselves. I'd say look for the nearest water supplier (grocery store, convenience shop, etc) to whereever you plan to live so you don't have to rely on a delivery service or worry about how you're going to carry your own jugs 6 blocks. IMO if there aren't any near enough that you'd be okay walking that far carrying a 20 gallon water jug...keep looking.

Thank you so much Brodi

My son (30) has lived here for over 2 years. His partner is from Merida but she has been in the Puerto Morales/Playa area most of her life and raised 3 children.

They prefer PM but his work and her youngest school is here in PDC. They are part of a vibrant yoga community . Lots of music and fun. We are planning a Cacao ceremony the weekend of 2/10.  It is also the feast of St Bridget , a national holiday in Ireland this week so we will be bringing in a bit of her.

I will post info about it here in the next few days. You can also private message me.