Living in Leuven, working in Gent


I am living around Leuven and will be working in Gent. I was wondering how the commute would be by car (normal hours, leaving around 6.30-7am to work and leaving from work around 6.30pm) and how long it would take me approximately?
Does anyone do the same kind of commute and could share with me his/her experience?


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Rachel, your post is really quite off topic here, and you've already made your own thread also. Please don't spam the boards.

Indeed also I rplyed to your post rachel but it is a very vage post to start with. Anyway with working probs taking train from gent would be best. The connection is very good and Leuven is very difficult to park and drive in. I have done it by train once as my bf studys in Leuven and took me justover a hour. I havent driven as I know it will be difficult to park there as it lives near the park in the centre

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