Taking single parent to Denmark from India

I am planing to move to Denmark on work permit ( J type) but I have my father (72 yrs) who is dependent on me and my mother passed away few years back.Also I am the only child so there are no siblings to take care of him.

Can I bring my father to Denamrk on dependent visa?

Please advice what can be done ?

Thank you

https://www.nyidanmark.dk/en-GB/Applyin … ist%20visa


Dear Nellie, thank you but this visa is just for 90 days and i am planning to keep my dad with me for as long as i m in Denmark like 2-3 yrs but thank you for help though.

I know, but it's not impossible as far as I can see.


I Know, but it's not possible as far as I can see.


Ok thanks

Hi Poonam, you can apply for your father under accompanying family member to bring him with you

https://www.nyidanmark.dk/de-DE/You-wan … 84B1A0FF7A

Hi Poonam
My case is similar to yours. Any luck? What visa did you finally get for your dad?

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