Residence permit processing time during COVID19

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all safe during this stressful global situation.

Well, I have an inquiry about residence permit processing time during this period.

I am a medical doctor who is planning to move to Denmark and I have already applied for a residence permit 3 months ago (in order to get authorization).
Till today, I haven’t received any response from SIRI. One week ago, I called SIRI. They told me to wait as there is a delay in processing applications! But I think it is taking so much time... any thoughts?

Moreover, when I receive my residence permit, will I be able to enter Denmark given that I have booked a place in a language school earlier? 

Thank you very much in advance!

Due to the Coronavirus, SIRI isn't working normally. Public offices are closed down, civil servants work from home why you must expect a significant delay of the processing. You may already know this as you have been in contact with SIRI. And perhaps they have to wait for information from Palestine. … VID19_SIRI

When you have received your residence permit, you may arrive. You can always find a language course after arrival.


Thank you very much for your reply!

It seems I have nothing but to wait!
You know, I am currently anxious because I have been waiting for this move since long time! Moreover, Planning the travel during this time is not smooth and easy as it needs special preparations ahead!

I am sure the delay in processing my application is not related to Palestine since the public sector is operating normally here!
I read that the Public sector will almost return to normal in Copenhagen next week.. so I hope for a decision by the end of the next week.

Thanks again!

You're an optimist!

I hope your wishes come true. I myself wouldn't be so optimistic as you as it means that four months backlog will be fixed in one week? You're not the only one who awaits an answer. Therefore, don't be disappointed if you have to wait longer. The holiday season is also ahead, and this will also influence on the case management.

And even if you should get your residence permit, the borders are closed at the time being. I take that you cannot arrive until August, 31, but this is still an open question.


Did you recieve residence permit by now.
How much time did it take after biometrics submission.

My residence permit is in process and submitted biometrics on 10 july. i am expecting permit for myself and my family to be available by 15 aug. Whats the processing time now. are there significant delays. should i expect by 15 sept then, if there are delays.

Dear Sir,

Sorry for replying late.
Well, I received my residence permit almost 2 weeks ago. There was a significant delay in the processing due to the current situation- it took around 4 and half months-. However, I guess since the public sector has opened, you might get a reply in a shorter period of time.

Good luck sir in your journey to Denmark!

hey thanks for reply.
4 and a half months wait is too much. i am hoping it should be 30 days for me and my family.

Hi vb21,
did you receive your permit to Denmark?

not till now.
30 days processing time  for my residence card till 15 aug
60 days processing time for my family till 15 sep.

Me too still didn't receive mine, i have applied for a student permit on 30/06 but haven't received any updates on it. but i am hoping they will issue it within 2 months as they are saying on their website.
but i don't know if the Covid-19 is delaying the process or not.

Denmark is not the only one, pretty much the whole of Europe is in the same boat, so you have to be patient. If there is a 2nd wave I would be more concerned about that.

yes. even i am concerned about second wave. some countries have already started repoting increased number of cases. this might delay or hold the process.

Hi Unaga,
Any updates on your permit.

No, there are no updates till now.

Hi Unaga
Thanks for reply
Please let me kbow if you come across any details for processing time. I need to provide notice to my lanlord and my child school. i really dont know how much processing time will it take and confused over the situation

Hi vb21,
there was someone in a thread that was saying there was another way to track your case by entering the Case ID in the pay the fee box and check the payment status if it is showing "paid" that means your case still under process, but if it shows " unpayable or payment received" that means they have taken a decision in your case and you'll hear from them after a few weeks. I don't know if that's true but many have tried it and it seems credible.
Hope that helps you

Hi Unaga
do you know if peopl are getting residenc permit on time now or there are delays

I really don't know if anyone has received a permit these days.

I payment status is still coming as Paid and its 5 weeks from biometrics. :(
I think there are some significant delays going on.


Hi Unaga
Did you recieve permits. I got to know people who submited biometrics 20-25 june have recieved their permits.
Did your payment status change.

Good Morning Vb21
I have received a call from the embassy yesterday and i will be collecting my passport today with the permit as i can see there is no significant delays, i am sure yours will be processed quickly too.

Kind regards.

Hey Unaga
Thanks for the reply and good luck.
Did your fee pay status also changed to unpayable.

Yes it has changed to no fee.

I applied online on 16th June and had biometric on 29th June. By 18 July, some people that had their biometric on the same day with me said they have started receiving their visa, I was worried because I didn't know why mine wasn't processed at the same time with theirs, maybe they had a speedy process because they were on Erasmus scholarship, I following this thread, I was quite relieved as I discovered it could be tracked through case order ID, on 15th August 2020, I tried checking and I saw "Paid"
But tried again on 17/08/20 Monday afternoon and saw "no fee". And by Tuesday, my school mailed me that my residence permit has been granted. I'm just waiting for the application centre to call and deliver it.

Thanks Unaga, vb21, MalekZ and Nellie Berg SimCity for your contributions on the thread, it was really helpful.

Hi Henry,
Good luck and all the best.
I submitted biometrics on 10 july but havent recieved any update till now. dont know how much more time will they take.

Hey Henry
Is your student permit or work related- pay limit one?

Hi All,
Is there anybody who provided biometrics in July and recieved any update for permit.
Please contribute to thread so that everybody who is waiting can get some update.

Yes it it. Just exercise patience, they will soon processes yours

Hello malekz,
Congrats on your residence permit.
I got mine too about 2weeks ago after waiting for about 6months...from February 26 2020.

I'm also a doctor from Nigeria. I'm planning to get into Denmark by ending of October or first week of November.
Have you moved to Denmark?
How did you sort out accomodation and work?
I wish we can form a group of doctors coming into Denmark so we can share information and help eachother being that we are in a new terrain and being in same profession.
I hope to hear from you.

Hi, after you saw that the payment status changed, how long was it between that and when you actually received your work/residence permit?

I just saw that the status for my application changed to 'no fee' today.  Wondering how long it will take for the permit to be mailed to me (if approved of course, and not a rejection decision :).


at the same time/immidiately. if your status changed in evening, then wait till tomorrow morning

Ah ok.  When I did the biometrics, they said they would physically mail me the confirmation letter.  And the letter is the actual work permit (which we need to enter Denmark since the borders are closed).

hello doctor.i am dr sharafat biland feom pakistan.i have submitted my application for residence permit and waiting for decision.Kindly add me to the group your planning.

Within a week, that was in my case last year

Hi, Manuelio when did you get your biometrics recorded?

October 27th.  Visa arrived on January 6th via email.

Oh, thats great. I got mine recorded in July and still haven't received anything. Which scheme did you apply in?

Oh wow, that's long.  But I have heard about a couple  similar 'horror stories' for several people I've talked to on social media.  Mine was pay limit scheme.  My colleague also applied for the same, did biometrics several days before me, and actually received her permit a week later. 

It just seems to vary a little depending on which SIRI worker touches handles your file.  Seems on average to take 10 weeks right now, ours were slightly delayed because we hit the holidays at end of the year, and SIRI was closed.  So it added a little time.

Hi All,
Is there anybody here still waiting to receive an answer from SIRI. I have applied under the work pay limit scheme in the beginning of March, 2021. Any idea about what is the average processing time now?

My joining date is at the mid of June and can I expect to receive the answer by end of May?

Please help.

Hello All

I'm also waiting for my WP approval. I've applied under Fast Track scheme. But I think the approval time is going to be longer than usual. … vice-goals

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