Residence permit processing time during COVID19

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all safe during this stressful global situation.

Well, I have an inquiry about residence permit processing time during this period.

I am a medical doctor who is planning to move to Denmark and I have already applied for a residence permit 3 months ago (in order to get authorization).
Till today, I haven’t received any response from SIRI. One week ago, I called SIRI. They told me to wait as there is a delay in processing applications! But I think it is taking so much time... any thoughts?

Moreover, when I receive my residence permit, will I be able to enter Denmark given that I have booked a place in a language school earlier? 

Thank you very much in advance!

Due to the Coronavirus, SIRI isn't working normally. Public offices are closed down, civil servants work from home why you must expect a significant delay of the processing. You may already know this as you have been in contact with SIRI. And perhaps they have to wait for information from Palestine. … VID19_SIRI

When you have received your residence permit, you may arrive. You can always find a language course after arrival.


Thank you very much for your reply!

It seems I have nothing but to wait!
You know, I am currently anxious because I have been waiting for this move since long time! Moreover, Planning the travel during this time is not smooth and easy as it needs special preparations ahead!

I am sure the delay in processing my application is not related to Palestine since the public sector is operating normally here!
I read that the Public sector will almost return to normal in Copenhagen next week.. so I hope for a decision by the end of the next week.

Thanks again!

You're an optimist!

I hope your wishes come true. I myself wouldn't be so optimistic as you as it means that four months backlog will be fixed in one week? You're not the only one who awaits an answer. Therefore, don't be disappointed if you have to wait longer. The holiday season is also ahead, and this will also influence on the case management.

And even if you should get your residence permit, the borders are closed at the time being. I take that you cannot arrive until August, 31, but this is still an open question.


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