Accommodation in Odense

Accommodation in Odense
Updated 2019-12-18 11:53

Most expats who find work in Odense enter the city's ever-growing ICT sector, while manufacturing and offshore activities also draw professionals from all over the world. Efforts to make the city more liveable have resulted in some of the best bike-friendly initiatives in Denmark. Since the city is still growing, accommodation options are very affordable, and it's easier to find housing here than in other busy cities in Denmark. Here is a guide to the neighbourhoods in Odense to help you find the best accommodation type for your needs. 

Neighbourhoods in Odense

As with most cities, accommodation options on the outskirts of Odense cost less than those closest to facilities in the city centre. Choosing the best neighbourhood for your needs will depend on your place of work and the distance you are willing to travel between home and work each day. Check on Google Maps to locate distances and bus routes between the different areas and where you plan to work and find accommodation. 

Asking for recommendations from colleagues or friends already living in Odense is a good way to secure a safe rental contract from a reliable landlord. Some companies might even offer relocation assistance and provide temporary accommodation until you find a suitable rental – be sure to ask about this in interview situations. Below are some of the largest neighbourhoods in Odense.

City Centre

Odense has a busy city centre with a buzz of restaurants, great transportation networks, and the city's train station. There are good options for accommodation in some of the city's older buildings. As far as accommodation in a city centre goes, Odense offers great value for money. A small studio apartment costs around DKK 3,000 excluding utilities. 

The Skibhuskvarteret is in the north area of the city centre with its own unique character. The area is popular with students and families with children.

Odense M and Hunderup

Odense M is a centrally located residential area with a range of accommodation options, including higher-end villas and apartments. This area is within biking distance to the centre and includes large retail shopping areas and IKEA, the retail furniture giant. 

To the south of Odense is Hunderup, one of the wealthier areas with expensive villas. Many of the city's prominent lawyers, doctors, and celebrities live in Hunderup. 


Located just 3km northeast of the city centre, Vollsmose is a mixed-race neighbourhood with lots of families and students from Middle Eastern countries and Somalia. The area is quite noisy, and there are some gangs, but accommodation options are very affordable. 


Located to the northwest of Odense Centrum, the residential neighbourhood of Næsby has a good selection of accommodation options including large townhouses with private gardens and single rooms that are part of larger houses. 

Tarup and Højstrup

These are residential areas to the west of central Odense with apartments, rooms in shared apartments, and small townhouses. Odense Stadium is located in this suburban area that is also dotted with green areas and bike-friendly pathways. 

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