Residence permit and CPR number

Updated 2012-09-27 12:20

I am going to tell you my experience about it. I hope it is useful for you.

Although I am from the European Union, I need to make that paper in order not to be deported in 3 months time. So, if you are going to stay more than that time it is compulsory (unless you are from another Scandinavian country).

You need to prove that either you are a student in any institution in Denmark, or you have got a job, or you have a relative living legally in Denmark, or you have enough money so that you are not asking for it to the country.

Before going to the building [in Borups Allé], it is a good idea to have got the papers and have filled in them, because once you arrive there, there is a crowd of people and not many space to do it. In addition, you must have completed them if you want to get your ticket with your turn.

That step is really easy, you just get one and you wait until it is your turn. For me, I had to wait about 30 minutes because I had about 50 people... and I arrived 5 minutes earlier they started to proccess!

Once there, they are nice and they do their work quickly, they don't ask you anything and if you have with your all the documentation (passport, photocopies -which you can have there for free-, photo and so), they just tell you that in 2 weeks time you will receive if they accepted you or not.

And that's all. Next step: getting the CPR at your Kommune!

I just received my RESIDENCE PERMIT in one week, so next day I went to my kommune to get my CPR NUMBER.

It is really easy, and really fast! I got it in Lyngby-Taarbæk kommune, but I suppose it will be similar in other ones. When I was there, I had to take a number (it is different depending on what are you going to do there), I just asked to the man that was there which number I should press and the machine gave a ticket.

In a mere instant, it was my turn. There was not many people waiting. In fact, I think I was the only one waiting. But once there, I was told that the paper my landlady had given to me was not useful and I needed a proper contract in order to justify that I am going to stay here more than 3 months. So, I had to return home. I was lucky that my landlady was at home and I could ask her to do it for me. And, it is funny, but she just got an old but sophisticated typewriter and wrote it there for me : )

When I returned to the kommune, there was nobody close to the machine, but since I knew the number I should press there was not any problem. At that time, there were several people waiting (and wondering what to do there in their language) and I had to wait about 3 or 5 minutes.

I filled in the papers that they gave to me, but I was not sure about some things, so I did not fill those. When I was there in the office again, there was another woman, and she was surprised I did not fill them (so I recommend to fill them all before). But there were some stupid things such as which was my religion that I was forced to write something hahaha. I just wrote NO.

She asked me about some things (if I prefer a woman or a man as my doctor) and if I wanted to do my nem-ID at that moment. I said I had not any problem so we made it too. It seems it is compulsory or something like that and it is used to prove that you are you online (bank, skat...).

And well, I got my CPR at the moment! And a lot of papers to read!!!

And, in one week or two I will have my YELLOW CARD (Health Insurance Card)

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