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Hiya my hubby and I are looking into buying a country house in Sax. I'm hoping to do dog boarding and Grooming from our property as I have a very well established Grooming salon here in the UK and its very successful. I'm hoping when we are allowed to travel over and search for our ideal property I'll be able too continue my business but on a much smaller scale that I currently do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated xxx

Hi there,
I live about 20 minutes drive from Sax and go there often to go to the wonderful vet there.
His business is called Canisax and it also has a grooming centre. So not sure if the area is big enough for another one. Boarding kennels are not as expensive here as they are in the UK so, again, I'm not sure about your possibilities to run a business there. Please get back to me if you would like any of my suggestions of a more suitable place to set up!

Hiya, thank you 😊,  any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I was only looking at around 5 to 10 dogs a week for Grooming and maybe more of doggy daycare but please any ideas and advice I'm very interested too hear xx

Lisa, there are at least another 5 dog groomers in Sax - and they are the legal ones!
There is also a dog boarding kennels not too far away and the last time I enquired they quoted about €12 per night. Certainly a long way off U.K. prices.   
I was told this morning that some people have waited 5 years to get permission to open this type of business in Sax from the local council.
Villena, with around 38,000 inhabitants, has a couple of small dog grooming concerns but no kennels. This is around 20 minutes drive from Sax.

Hiya, awww thank you so much for this information its really appreciated. When it's safe to do so we are going too take a few trips over and look around. This information is extremely helpful. I'm going too look at the the area you have suggested. If you can offer further guidance I'd truly appreciate keeping in touch 🙏 xx

I'd be only too happy to help if I can.
Lots of UK ‘expats' live, or are coming to live, in the countryside around Villena and virtually everyone gets a dog or two.  Many of these dogs are large and are not always transportable to grooming shops. Would you be able to do home visits do you think? Or maybe collect them from their homes?
I have lots of ideas as we did think of doing something similar so explored all the options.
Good luck with your search. Let me know if you want to check the reputations of any estate agents, lol.

Hiya that would be fantastic thank you. Yes we could do pick up and drop offs not a problem. And big dogs isn't a problem either as we currently do a lot of those but I love the Asian fusion style grooms that's what I love too do 🥰. Ide love your help in looking for the right place. Since you're fantastic advice we are now looking at other areas for a country house in alicante. I'm so pleased you got in touch as you can certainly be a huge help in our search and you're advice is greatly appreciated 😀 xx

Happy to help.
You could get in touch with Mark & Becky State. They run a branch of Hot Properties estate agents.
[email protected].
Tel: +34 711 001 709. Tell them I sent you to them (Janice Kent)
The problem here is that all agencies work together so you might get a bad apple in the mix.
Don't use any agency that charges you a commission on buying. It is the seller who pays the commission. Never pay a deposit to the agency but to the solicitor who deals with the purchase transaction. Never use the lawyer/solicitor that the agent recommends. They are all usually in cahoots with each other. There are lots of other things you need to know before purchasing to try and avoid lots of cans of worms opening up!
Sounds harsh? Frightening? It can work out well but remember that the agents' first interest is to make a living.

Hi Janice, I've just screen shot you're message, thank you so much. This advice is amazing we wouldn't have had a clue about this. We will most definitely get in touch with the lady you've recommended to us. Lots too look into but we are keen as mustard fir our new start and can't wait to take a few trips over and look at different properties in and around alicante 😊😊

Check out the UK government information on what you will need to actually come to Spain. Also the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain (CAB Spain) website & Facebook. There are financial requirements and health cover issues which have changed since Brexit. Going freelance is expensive, but if one of you takes this path, you can ‘piggy-back' on the Spanish National Health system.
Please check out all aspects to avoid disappointment.
If you have children, help them to study Spanish before they come as not all children are happy
being thrown in at the deep end in a Spanish school 😊.
There are good ways of transferring money from the UK to Spain to get the best rates.
Look out for other forums, too. Costa Blanca Forum is good as there are lots of people who can advise you.

Wowzers so much too look into but we will take all your advice completely on board. We would love too meet up with you on 1 of our visits if at all possible 😊.  Regarding children then no need for that I'm 51 and hubby 57 so just us 2 and my furbabies. We need to come over and check everything out before we jump in and sell our business and house here in the UK but it's 100% what we want to do xx

I'm reluctant to give too many details on here. How do we do private messages?

welcome to Spain!
I hope your business goes well and you feel as if you were at home but with better weather. I am a Spanish teacher in case you want to improve your language to be able to communicate better with your customers. I am totally bilingual since I have double nationality. Spanish and USA, besides I am well train to teach both. My classes are online
Keep in touch and if you have any problem understanding get in touch with me and I will hepl you without compromise.
Have a good day!

My telephone is ***

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Hiya thanks so much for your kind words. We will definitely stay in touch as we will need help learning the language 😀xx


Hello Did you establish a dog boarding business we will be living between Salinas and the U.K. and are looking for somewhere for our dog if we just fly back for a quick visit
Hi there,
I just thought I'd let you know that friends have recommended Ruby's Kennels which are between Yecla and Pinoso.
Not sure whether Lisa went ahead with her plans. In Sax there are at least 6 registered dog groomers
so quite a lot of competition!
Kennels here are much cheaper than in the UK.
Best of luck,