NIE - Any way to check status of application after 2 months wait?

Hi! I have applied for a NIE at the consulate of Manchester more than 8 weeks ago, on Dec 19th. I still haven't received anything. On the website they say that 'normally' it's being issued within 2 weeks.

Is there any way to find out if my application is even being processed? I'm getting really nervous that it's been lost, or maybe they misspelled my email or whatnot.

I emailed and called the consulate multiple times, they never reply. I even emailed the ministerio del interior, and called the immigration office in Madrid - no reply.

Or would it be possible/advisable to apply a second time directly from Spain?

I'm in quite a pickle because I need the NIE to get my new job contract, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


you can check the status of your NIE application here

the link was not approved..

anyways go to tramites extranjeria website,enter your details and you can see the status of your application there.hope this helps

@Ryz Esplana I can only find a form to find out the immigration status (Which doesn't apply to me - I'm a EU citizen), by entering the NIE (which I don't have)

there's another option,you can put the numero expediente,check the paper that you got from the Spanish consulate.

@Ryz Esplana Unfortunately the only thing I received from the embassy after my appointment was a copy of the EX-15 form I had filled out, with the stamp of the consulate; and a standard receipt that I paid the fee on that day

Do you have the possibility to go to the consulate of Manchester again and just knock on their door? If nothing else works, that might be the surest way of having them track down your NIE application...

Btw., I received mine in a little less than 3 weeks (delivered by the consulate in Toulouse, France).

Good luck!

@rangfar Thanks! 3 weeks, maybe I should go to Toulouse 1f604.svg I don't live near the Manchester consulate and would have to take the day off work, but I think the main issue would be that they don't let anyone past security without an appointment. I just sent another email asking whether I could/should apply for the NIE again. The website has also been down since last week, I'm not sure what the hell is going on there 1f610.svg


Like @rangfar I got my NIE in a couple of weeks.

I don't know the exact rules, but my understanding is that as you're an EU citizen, you already have a right to live and work in Spain ("free movement") independent of the immigration formalities (although you should still do them). So I would expect your employer to be able to give you an employment contract (and let you start work) even without your NIE! (You should note that you can apply separately for a NIE only, or you will be issued one when you're in Spain and do your EU Citizen Registration at your local immigration office.)

@gwynj  Thank you for your input!

Incredibly, I have just received my NIE!!

The consulate replied after I emailed this morning to get another appointment, and said the NIE had already been issued at the end of December 1f62e.svg I'm pretty sure it was sent to the wrong email address, gmail instead of ymail (wouldn't be the first time this happened to me).

Oh well, I'm just happy I finally have it!

Thanks everyone for your help :)

Incredibly, I have just received my NIE!!


Yeah, that was me, I just fixed it for you. Your employment contract is nearly ready too. And there's also a cuddly toy on its way to you. :-)