Shipping Container of household to Spain

My family is moving to Barcelona very soon.  Are there anyone who has experience shipping the household to Spain?  We have good furnitures, computer and tv etc. which we find it a pity to sell them before our move.  We'll be relocating permanently to Spain.

Should I just buy new furnitures in Spain?  What are the things which are much more worthwhile to purchase in Spain?

If anyone can share their experience, I appreciate.

In our experience it is cheaper to just sell everything - unless you have priceless antiques.  There is nothing you can't buy where you are going.  And the cost of shipping everything can be very high. 

Before we began moving around we sold our house, two cars, all our furniture and we gave our paintings and artwork to a reputable broker who did 'staging' for homes.  She sells our pieces on consignment when she can.  That worked out well since most places want a fee after a while and 'staging' people are always looking for good quality pieces to use.

Just a suggestion. 

It is also very freeing to live in just two suitcases a piece.

We expect to be in Spain ourselves by January of 2014.  Still fine tuning what city to check out.

Have a safe move.

Thank you for your advice.  I have thought about selling everything too, but looking at the quotation from a few forwarders, it will cost me between 7k to 8k, Singapore dollar, to ship a 20ft. Container.  Door to door.  Well, what I won't know if there would be hidden or unexpected charges when container arrives.  I do not have any antiques but my furnitures alone cost me almost 60-80k.  And, as everyone knows, furnitures don't fetch much in garage sales.

It would be useful to check with your FF, whether the following services are included in the door to door quoted price: insurance, Customs clearance/warehousing, delivery truck parking permit at point of delivery, unloading/unpacking. I am also considering shipping a FCL of our furniture to Spain.  Sea  shipment is cheap and having our own furniture/belongings with us may be a moral booster.