Living in a trailer park

Looking at buying a mobile home and retiring in the Costa del Sol region. My wife and I are around 50, Canadian & Swedish, Christian, love the outdoors. Neither of us speak Spanish but would learn it before we move. Has anyone here retired in Spain?  Better still, specifically into a trailer park? I'd like to hear from you! Do you regret it? Is it what you expected? What advice might you have about the process? The language? The lifestyle? Areas to go or avoid? Pitfalls to be wary of? What are the realistic costs of an affordable (cheap) lifestyle there? Are there part time job prospects or is the job situation bleak? Tell me everything you would tell yourself if you had it to do over again. And thanks!

This link will take you to a Google search that will hi-light some available in Spain.

Appreciate that. I've looked at many but haven't spoke to anyone experienced in the lifestyle. That's what I really need at the moment. 👍

After I read my response I realized it sounded ungrateful. I followed the links you sent and they were very interesting! Thanks. ☺

I owned a mobile home for about 10-years, but it was in Holland.  Our experience:

Weather is a big factor hot and cold; although I suspect Spain won't experience the same rain/cold as up in Northern Europe, but rain bouncing off the roof is deafening.

Don't get one with built in furnishings; in general, it's made from lesser materials than  what you would use at home and as a result tend not to last as well from constant use as a main dwelling; my advice is to buy a shell, then put in household standard furnishings (kitchen, bathroom, shower, living room chairs and tables, dinner table etc).

Generally, the floors and roofs are open, so consider insulation.

Heating, not normally required in Spain, but I would consider the winter evenings where something may be needed to take the chill off; also consider electric supply and can it handle an electric heater; perhaps consider solar power panels on the roof.

Air-con for the hot months.

Consider a wood-built style chalet?  The site where we had our mobile-home has pretty much switched over to this style of accommodation; our friends who still live there swear by them.

Hope this helps.

I have no personal experience but we have a caravan camp close to where I live. The camp is in Paredón, Pinoso in Alicante province.

Over the years I have spoken to a couple of the residents who live there and they seem to be perfectly happy. Obviously there is a trade off between space and price but the two people I've spoken to didn't seem to regret it and they had been there for a couple of years at least.

Much appreciated.

We had a large static home in Camping San Javier on the Mar Menor we stayed for 2 or 3 months at a time...some people had lived there very happily for years. Its cheap...about 3000 euros a year including water, lots of facilities onsite, pool, gym, cafe, restaurant etc...ready made friendly community that watches out for each other.
Downside ....very hot in summer...we had air con.....and freezing in the winter evenings....we had heating!
We sold up as we moved here permanently and really wanted a villa with a pool of our own.
Hope this helps ...look here for some more info...

It does help. Really appreciate the info. ☺